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Square Hue Nail Polish Subscription Review

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Square Hue Nail Polish Subscription

Square Hue is a nail polish subscription box. Each month they send out a curated selection of three nail polish choices. Unlike Julep, you don’t get to receive the colors you receive each month. What’s fun about Square Hue though is that their boxes tend to have a theme.

Square Hue Rio

The theme of the May box from Square Hue was Rio, which is great timing because the World Cup is about to start in Brazil.

all bottles

While the theme of the May box was Rio, the colors themselves were actually really close to the colors that make up the Brazilian flag. I guess Rio is just narrowing it down a bit?

What I immediately liked about these three bottles of nail polish is the square base. These are the most solid bottles of nail polish I have ever used! There is little chance that you will accidentally knock one of these bottles over.

Now for the colors:



I really like this shimmery green polish, although I think it’s hard to deny that the color might be better for the fall or around Christmas. That said, the green shade is absolutely gorgeous!


square Hue Ipanema

This is totally random, but back when I was in high school I REALLY wanted yellow nail polish. I’d seen it in a magazine somewhere, but at the time Revlon (my go-to brand) didn’t have a yellow shade. Years later I feel like this mustard yellow nail polish has helped me fulfill a high school dream of mine! That said, this color doesn’t go with my skin tone at all! It just makes my nails look kind of sickly, which is a bummer because aside from how it looks on me, I love the shade! This is a micro glitter polish, so depending on how the light catches the polish it really looks amazing!


Square Hue Copacabana

This blue glitter nail polish is really fun, but I learned something over the course of using the polish: it looks horrible atop most other nail polish colors! The base of this polish is blue, so when I tried applying it over the yellow polish it turned a garish shade of green. Oops! While my nails look fine in person, in the image above there is some glitter splotchiness. I used two thick coats, so three coats of this polish may be required to achieve a full glitter look.

Overall: These nail polish shades weren’t perfect for me, but I do appreciate the nod to Rio and the Brazilian flag. If it were fall I would be ALL ABOUT these colors! (Generally in the spring and summer I stick to pinks and corals.) The color saturation and quality of these polishes was fantastic, however! Each color was easy to apply and the perfect consistence for a smooth manicure.

Square Hue costs $14.99 per month and shipping adds an additional $5, so you’re looking at $19.99 per month. That breaks down to about $6.66 per bottle, which is pretty good for premium nail polish. Brands like OPI and Essie cost about $8.50 per bottle.

Would I recommend Square Hue? Yes! If you’re getting tired of Julep trying to expand into beauty lines and just want more nail polish, Square Hue is a greatĀ option!

Disclosure: I was provided with this Square Hue box to review, but all opinions expressed above are my own.

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