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How To Help Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey |

How to Help Those in Texas Affected by Hurricane Harvey

The images coming out of Texas this weekend were devastating. After being hit by Hurricane Harvey, much of Houston and surrounding cities are underwater, but still the rain continues. Emergency services are struggling to keep up with the calls they're…

Infographic: Starter Guide to Female Fashion

I just saw this infographic posted on Buzzfeed and thought I'd share it here. Personally, I found the color wheel toward the bottom really helpful in terms of pointing out complementary colors. For a related graphic, check out What Colors…

What Colors to Wear to Match Your Skin Tone

We’ve all heard the phrase "that’s so your color," but discovering the right color palette for your complexion can really transform the way you dress. You may never have thought about how your outfit compliments your skin tone but once…

How To Prevent Summer Thigh Chafing |

How to Prevent Summer Thigh Chafing

How to prevent summer thigh chafing |

There’s nothing good to be said about chafed thighs. Summer is arguably the best season of the year, but if your inner thighs touch when you walk, summer can also be one of the worst.

I remember the exact day when I became fully cognizant of the horrors of thigh chafing. It was 2008 and I was in Florence, Italy, and the temperature was a ridiculous 111 degrees (only they told us the temperature in Celsius format, obviously). I knew it was supposed to be hot so I wore a skirt, which has to go down as one of the worst life decisions I’ve ever made. I have never ever experienced thigh chafing that was so painful and uncomfortable, and the chafing started almost immediately. It was a really long day.

I returned from the trip and talked to a friend about what had happened. Said friend happened to be wearing a dress at the time and when I started talking about thigh chafing she lifted her dress up to show me what was underneath. Lo and behold, my tiny friend was wearing bicycle shorts under her dress! I’m pretty sure I gave her a hug and called her a genius. As she told me, she loved wearing bicycle shorts to prevent chafing, but also because she never had to worry about having a Marilyn moment here in the Windy City.

I had two thoughts then:

1. It doesn’t matter how thin you are. Chafed thighs can affect everyone.
2. Duh. Why didn’t I ever think to wear shorts under my skirts and dresses??

From that day forward, I’ve never left the house wearing a skirt or dress without either tights, SPANX, or bicycle shorts underneath and it has worked great for me. Keep reading for a few of the products I personally recommend that will help prevent summer thigh chafing.

Coach Rogue 25

Coveting: Coach Spring 2017 Collection

Coach Rogue 25
Coach Bags
Coach Spring 2017 Moto Jacket

Rogue 25 // Colorblock Dinkier // Glovetanned Leather Dinkier // Icon Moto

Have you guys been watching what’s happening over at Coach? Have you seen the Coach Spring 2017 Collection yet? It is something to behold!

It wasn’t all that long ago that the brand seemed to be on its last legs. Their classic bags were almost too boring and people weren’t willing to pay full-price for them since you could usually find the exact same thing for a fraction of the price at the Coach Outlet.

But now? The company that was recently on the brink of disaster is doing incredible things.

Coach Dakotah Satchel

Dakotah Satchel

Coach has people talking again.

20 Love And Romance Books For Couples: Our Q&A A Day

Keep the Spark Alive: 20 Love and Romance Books for Married Couples

20 Love and Romance Books for Married Couples

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve shared gifts for couples, gifts for her and gifts for him, but today I thought I’d do something a little different and share a round-up of 20 love and romance books for married couples.

Honestly, my husband and I don’t have the same taste in reading material – not even close – but I feel like I could get us a book that focused on “us” that we could read before bed occasionally and it would go over OK. I mean, typically we fall asleep to our Netflix show of the week, so reading something together might be a nice change and it would also give us a chance to think about ourselves for a moment, which will be especially important as baby #2 will be here before we know it! I am especially interested in Our Q&A A Day – I love this line of question and answer books and filling one out with my husband over the years would be fun!

If you’re looking for more of an “us” book this Valentine’s Day, be sure to check out the ones in this list!

20 Love and Romance Books for Married Couples

Self Help/Relationship Books

The 5 Love Languages

1. 52 Uncommon Dates
2. How We Love: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance Your Marriage
3. Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love
4. The 5 Love Languages
5. The Love Dare
6. 47 Little Love Boosters for a Happy Marriage

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