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Stylish Sneakers You’ll Fall For This Fall

Stylish Sneakers You’ll Fall for this Fall

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If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, or following me on Instagram, then you likely know just how much I love shoes. Though I don’t necessarily buy expensive shoes, I consider myself a shoe collector, of sorts. Shoes come in and out of style, so I rarely get rid of anything because at some point they’ll be back in style and vintage. (My BIGGEST shoe regret? Getting rid of my burgundy Mary Jane Doc Martens in college. I think about those shoes regularly and wish I still had them!) Now that I have a daughter, I’m even less likely to get rid of shoes because maybe she will want to wear them someday.

Lately, I have really been digging sneakers. I didn’t wear them for years, but now that my lifestyle mostly involves chasing around two kids and two dogs, comfortable – yet stylish – shoes rule my life. While I am a fairly conservative dresser, I love to express myself through shoes. My shoes are usually the most fashionable part of my wardrobe.

Do you need a new pair of sneakers? Here are a few of my favorite pairs of stylish sneakers:

Stylish Sneakers: Puma Basket Heart Metsafari Sneakers

I am digging these Puma Basket Heart Metsafari Sneakers. I love the light blue color and that the laces are extra large.



Schutz Stelen Two Tone Sneakers

Yes, I recently purchased these incredibly gaudy and borderline tacky Schutz Stelen Two Tone Sneakers. I couldn’t resist the gold and crystals and was drawn to them like a magpie to light.

People Footwear Waldo Knit Sneakers

I’ve never contemplated having highlighter-like footwear, but I could probably get down with these Waldo Knit Sneakers from People Footwear. I don’t know how these are as a running shoe, but I think shoes like these would be great for runners, especially now that it’s getting dark so early.


Stars Leather Lace Up Sneakers

I cannot deny that I REALLY love metallic shoes. I own more pairs of gold and silver shoes than I’m willing to confess to, and I’d love to add these South Parade Stars Leather Lace Up Sneakers to my collection.


Superga Velvet Sneakers

Finally, if you want to add just one pair of sneakers to your wardrobe, I highly recommend checking out the brand Superga. I am a long-time fan of their sneakers. They are stylish and incredibly comfortable. I live in them! These Superga Velvet Sneakers are right on-trend this season, as velvet is going to be everywhere.



More sneakers from Shopbop I love:

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