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Short Curly Haircut - Lisa Koivu |

Groupon BeautyNow Makes it Easy to Book Same-Day Beauty Appointments

If you’re in desperate need of some pampering and need booking flexibility, checkout Groupon BeautyNow, a new service from Groupon that lets you book same-day beauty appointments right from the Groupon app!

Book same day beauty appointments with Groupon BeautyNow

This post was sponsored by Groupon, however, all opinions and especially my extreme level of excitement are purely my own.

I was terrible about getting my hair cut before I had kids, but now that I have two of them? Well, let’s put it this way: The last time I had a haircut, we were still living in Chicago and I only had one child, which means it was more than seven months ago. In that time, my hair has gotten ridiculously long and unruly and I’ve taken to wearing it in a braid most of the time just to keep it out of the way.

Be gone, braid!

Because my hair was so much longer than I ever intended, I decided to do something drastic and cut off enough hair so that I could donate it. As much as I love long hair, I wasn’t sure my hair would ever be that long again, so I decided to do something drastic.

With a cut style in mind, I logged into the Groupon app and went to the “Salon & Spa Booking” section. BeautyNow is a new service from Groupon where you can reserve same-day beauty appointments. Through Groupon BeautyNow you can book salon appointments, manicures and pedicures, and you can even book massages!  Many of the top nail and beauty salons and spas in Chicago are available, including a few of my favorites like the spa and fitness center at the Four Seasons Hotel, DreamDry (an awesome place to get a blowout), and the spa at the Wit Hotel.

As much as I wanted to make a trip back to Chicago for a couple of hours of pampering, I decided to check out some of the local places in the Chicago suburbs that had partnered with Groupon BeautyNow. I was in desperate need of a new stylist – someone who actually knows how to work with curly hair – and decided to book an appointment at a salon near me called Urban Style Salon & Spa, mainly because I was missing Chicago and liked that the word “urban” was part of the name.

Booking the appointment was a cinch. If you’re based in Chicago, download the Groupon app and select “Salon & Spa Booking” at the top to start booking!

Using Groupon BeautyNow to book appointments

Once you’ve pulled up the app, tell them where you’re located and what you’re looking for, and you’ll get a list of salon options. You can book same-day or future appointments.

Unicorn Lip Balm

Etsy Monday: Aubrey E Apothecary

  • October 19, 2016
  • Etsy

I had to do a double-take when I first came across Aubrey E Apothecary. Her handmade soaps look so real that I had to read the description to see that they were soaps! Hence, I become utterly obsessed!   Ummmm, don't…

Clarisonic Mia Fit

Beauty Reviewed: Clarisonic Mia Fit

A photo posted by Lisa Koivu ⭐ Emoji Lover 😜 (@shopgirldaily) on Jul 12, 2016 at 5:35pm PDT A couple of months ago Clarisonic gifted me with the new Mia Fit. At the time I was happy to get a…

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

How to Fake a Golden Glow on Your Legs

How to fake a golden glow on your legs |

Some of you may recall that a few years ago I experienced the worst sunburn I have ever seen and I honestly can’t imagine one worse. I was taking a medication because of the gallbladder issues I was having, and whereas most medications typically come with a sun warning, this one did not. We went down to Florida for a wedding and despite wearing sunscreen and only staying on the beach for about an hour and a half at the beach or so, I had giant infected blisters covering my arms. After my parents forced me to visit an emergency room I learned that my arms were covered in second degree burns, and in addition to some heavy pain medication I also received burn cream. This was not really a life highlight and is certainly something I never want to experience again, so I RARELY go out in the sun these days. While my arms usually get a little bit of color during the summer, my legs are almost always pasty white.

While I’ve tried self tanners, I’m not a huge fan of them. The primary reason is because I’m lazy and never want to take the time to either properly apply the tanner or let it dry. Instead, I prefer products that fake a  golden glow without any thoughts of longevity. Dry oils, shimmers and spray on bronzers are my ultimate summer indulgence that I typically pull out during warm months that fake the illusion of a summer glow, if not a full summer tan.

Ready for some faux summer sun? Here are some products that help you fake a golden glow on your legs for as little or as long as you want.

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil • $22

This oil gets rave reviews and I have been meaning to try it for years! It is available in two shades, Golden Honey and Honey Kissed (pictured above).

Get Clinique Chubby Sticks And More For Less Thanks To This Gilt City Deal |

Can’t Miss Offer from Gilt City: Save up to $30 on Your Next Clinique Purchase!

Get Clinique Chubby Sticks and more for less thanks to this Gilt City Deal |

Good news, my fellow Clinique lovers! You can currently snag an awesome Clinique discount from Gilt City… for free!

If you need to restock any Clinique products you’re running low on, or just want to try something new, this is a perfect time because Gilt City has two different coupon options available:

Additionally, shipping is FREE with any purchase made with either of these vouchers!

The Clinique vouchers are 100% free, though you will need to register for a Gilt City account to claim one. Luckily, registering for Gilt City is free and will take just a second of your time!

What you need to know: The vouchers must be redeemed by June 20, 2016. No dilly dallying with this deal. The vouchers are only valid for purchases made online at Clinique. There’s a limit of three per person. There are NO exempt products!

One of the main campus bookstores when I was in college – Michigan Book and Supply for any fellow University of Michigan grads – had a makeup counter inside that only sold Clinique. My friend introduced me to the Clinique Bonus and I’ve been hooked ever since. As cheesy as it sounds, this is the first “adult” makeup I ever encountered and it’s one I return to time and again. 

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