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How I’ve Earned $1,100+ Using Ebates… And How You Can Too!

How I’ve Earned $1,100+ Using Ebates… And How You Can Too!

How I've Earned $1,100+ Using Ebates... and How You Can, Too! Yes - You Can Even Combine Amazon and Ebates!|
Ebates has long been one of my favorite sites as it combines the two things I love best: Shopping and Saving Money. I have been using Ebates for years and years and over time I have earned $1,100+ using Ebates! Here’s the proof:

How I've earned $1,100+ with Ebates

Over time I have earned $1,194.38 using Ebates!!! Granted, I have been using Ebates since 2008 and this is a cumulative total over the years, but that still breaks down to approximately $135 per year and it’s all money that I didn’t have to work for or go out of my way to earn. I earned that money simply by shopping!

Read on for a quick rundown on how Ebates works as well as some tips that will help you save even more at Ebates (for instance: combining Amazon and Ebates… yes, you can earn money back on your Amazon impulse purchases!!!).

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