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Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas |

33 Gift Ideas for your Favorite Gilmore Girls Groupie

Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas |

True Story: Back when my son was born I took a month off to take care of him and binge watch TV. My goal was to watch all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls, which seemed pretty achievable since I can binge watch TV with the best of them. Unfortunately, life got in the way and in those early days I found that I just wasn’t interested in watching anything on TV. So here we are, 20+ months later, and I am STILL working on finishing the show. I’m getting close, though – I just started season 6 – and my goal is to finish in time to binge watch the new specials that are being released on Netflix on November 25.

Because I am spending way too much time thinking about the Gilmore Girls these days, I can’t help but get excited when I find gift ideas that I think my fellow Gilmore Girls groupies would love. If you count yourself among their fans (or are shopping for someone who is), this list of Gilmore Girls gift ideas is for you.

33 Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas

In Omnia Paratus Poster

In Omnia Paratus Poster

$17.50+ from Window Shop Gal


Based on the sheer volume of items I found with the words “In Omnia Paratus” that were in specific reference to this episode of Gilmore Girls, I feel confident saying it was a favorite of many (most?) watchers, myself included. Obviously, this poster references the show but is also subtle enough that non-Gilmore watchers won’t give you a weird look if it’s hanging in your living room.


What She Tackles She Conquers Notepad

What She Tackles She Conquers To-Do List

$7.50 from Paper Rocket Studio


Is this the perfect notepad to get you motivated, or what? Write out your daily to-do list and then get going. Conquer all the things!


Drinking Coffee Like a Gilmore Travel Mug

Drinking Coffee Like a Gilmore Travel Mug

$23+ from Twinkle Twinkle ‘Lil Jar


Are there any coffee lovers out there who don’t drink coffee like the Gilmores? Although I admit that I generally prefer a delicious pumpkin spice latte

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