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Easter Basket: Non-Candy Easter Stuffers

40 Inexpensive Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers for Kids

40 Inexpensive Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers for Kids |

Easter baskets don’t have to be full of sweets for kids to enjoy them! The challenge is just picking things that are small enough to fit in a basket, but that your kids will also consider just as good as a sugary treat. This can be easier said than done, especially if you don’t want to spend a ton. For example, an iPod is small, but isn’t cheap! If you’re having a hard time thinking up small basket stuffers that aren’t pricey, check out this list of 40 Inexpensive Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers for Kids!

Part of picking the best inexpensive non-candy Easter basket fillers is knowing what your kids like. Dollar store crayons are a great gift for artistically inclined kids, but other kids will just ignore them. And while many kids like LEGO sets, you’ll want to make sure to pick a set that actually fits their interests (luckily there are so many to choose from!). Also, don’t forget to take into consideration the age of the child. Don’t expect to give a 4-year-old and an 8-year-old the same things and expect them to be equally excited!

And remember to scale your gifts equal to your basket. What that means is, don’t buy an extra large Easter basket, then fill it with mostly fake grass and a few tiny things. To ensure the basket is appreciated, think of presentation! It’s like how a small amount of food looks bigger on a small plate than on a big plate. If you’re only going to give a few inexpensive non-candy Easter basket fillers, or a lot of small things, make sure the basket matches in size.

40 Inexpensive Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers for Kids

10 Awesome Alphabet Toys and Alphabet Books for Your Little Learner

I love educational toys. My son thinks he’s just playing but he’s actually learning! Right now he loves the alphabet, so he owns quite a collection of alphabet toys and alphabet books. Below you’ll find 10 of our favorites.

Alphabet Toys and Alphabet Books for Little Learners |

My son is a late talker. As with crawling and walking, he is taking his absolute time to get up to speed. He just seems to be one of those kids who is extremely tentative and will only start something once he’s absolutely 100 percent okay with it. While I can’t deny that I wish he would talk more, every day now he is saying more and more words and I love hearing his little voice. What’s funny, though, is that while he’s not keen on talking, he absolutely LOVES the alphabet. He walks around the house singing the alphabet song all day long. He knows his uppercase and lowercase letters by sight and can sound out some letters. Full words, though? Apparently, that’s for the birds!

Because he loves the alphabet so much, I’ve invested in a few alphabet toys already, and have added a couple more to his wish list. I love that he loves the alphabet and want to continue building upon the knowledge and skills he has already gained. Educational toys are a great way to encourage learning without being overbearing. I’m all about it. If you’ve also got a little alphabet lover on your hands – or want to turn your child into one – here are a few of my favorite alphabet toys and alphabet books.

Awesome Alphabet Toys & Alphabet Books

Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns Activity Set

My son is absolutely obsessed with these Alphabet Acorns. For something so basic, there seems to be a never-ending assortment of ways to play with them. For instance, both the acorn base and the cap have different letters on them, so you can match up the letters. You can hide the little toys that come with the acorns inside of them. You can stack the acorns. Seriously, my son loves when I pull these out and they really are great for kids who are learning the alphabet. Word of warning, though: The little toys that come with the acorns are pretty small. This set is ONLY for kids who are past the age of putting things in their mouths.


My Awesome Alphabet Book

My son received My Awesome Alphabet Book as a gift and it quickly became his favorite book EVER. In fact, I credit this book with him learning the alphabet as quickly as he did! Each page is cut to look like a letter. While this isn’t a board book, the pages are a little thicker than traditional paper, which makes them easy to grasp for little hands. In addition to each page being the shape of a letter, the back of the page is covered with items whose names start with that particular letter. This is our favorite alphabet book and I cannot recommend it more highly!

Sesame Street Naturals

The Best Brands New Moms Need to Know

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

The Best Brands New Moms Need to Know

Before I had my son, I did all of the reading that moms-to-be tend to do and obsessed over the products we just HAD to have and read lists upon lists of the best baby brands. Ultimately, over the past couple of years, I have found that there are a couple of brands I have returned to time and again, and will continue to do so as our second child is born next month.

The Best Brands New Moms Need to Know


Fisher Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n PlayTM Sleeper with SmartConnectTM

Fisher Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n PlayTM Sleeper with SmartConnectTM

When we first had our son we were unsure about what to do for sleep. We didn’t yet have a crib for him. My friend had lent me a Moses Basket that I thought we’d use for a few weeks, but that first night home we discovered that my son, at just four days old, preferred to sleep on his side, and keeping him in a cloth-covered basket seemed dangerous. Out of options, we co-slept that first night and then I promptly sent my husband out to purchase a Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play. More than any other baby product, I recommend that all parents-to-be at least consider the Rock ‘n Play because I think it made my son into a champion sleeper from the very beginning. Between the slight incline, the rocking, and the general coziness, he was sleeping through the night by the time he was three-months-old, which meant that mom and dad were also sleeping through the night by the time he was three-months-old. Also awesome? We travel fairly regularly and the Rock ‘n Play is so lightweight and portable that we were able to take it with us wherever we went.

Our first Rock ‘n Play had the ability to rock for up to eight hours at a time and also played lullabies, but technology has already progressed and the Fisher Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with SmartConnect lets you control the device from your smartphone or tablet! You can turn on calming vibrations, set the rocking speed, play music, or even turn on a projector… without ever disturbing the baby!

I rave about this product constantly and highly recommend adding one to your baby registry!

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