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Why the Instant Pot is the #1 Cooking Tool You Need Right Now

Whether you like cooking or not, an Instant Pot is a kitchen tool that you need to add to your kitchen. I intensely dislike cooking, but my Instant Pot makes cooking delicious meals super easy, fast, and, dare I say it, fun! 

Instant Pot 101: Everything you need to know to get started with this electric pressure cooker |

While I may not post about it here very often, I REALLY dislike cooking. I mean, I would do 10 loads of laundry every single day if it meant never preparing another meal. I’m not remotely exaggerating when I say that I would be incredibly happy if I never had to step foot in a kitchen again. Despite my intense dislike of food preparation, there has been one thing getting me in the kitchen more and more and that is my Instant Pot. I bought one on a whim on Amazon Prime Day and I’ve become obsessed with it. Seriously. Obsessed.

In fact, I’m so obsessed that I wanted to put together an all-inclusive guide for any of you that are considering an Instant Pot that describes exactly why you need one NOW. If you’re thinking that you really don’t need one more kitchen tool, you’re wrong. The Instant Pot can (and will) replace some of those other items in your arsenal, including your crock pot, rice cooker, and steamer. Trust me: You need an Instant Pot.

Why You Need an Instant Pot

Your Instant Pot will save you time: Cut traditional cooking time by as much as 70 percent with electric pressure cooking! You can make delicious meals like Instant Pot Lo Mein in under an hour.

The best part about cooking with the Instant Pot is that it is kind of like a slow cooker (pretty hands-off), but much faster. Many recipes are “dump” recipes, so you just dump everything into the Instant Pot and it creates an amazing dish. Desserts, too! You can even make monkey bread in your Instant Pot!

Your Instant Pot will save you money: You get home from work and you’re tired. You don’t feel like cooking but you know spending another $30 on take-out isn’t a good idea. The Instant Pot can be “set it and forget it,” though more detailed recipes call for more than the pressing of a button.

Your Instant Pot is environmentally friendly: Because of the slashed cooking time, your electric pressure cooker is saving energy, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly (or “green”).

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