Treat Yourself: When in Doubt, Vacation

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Treat Yourself: When in Doubt, Vacation Sweatshirt

My love of travel is pretty well documented here, so I think it’s pretty clear I NEED this When in Doubt, Vacation Sweatshirt from ILY COUTURE.

Despite my best efforts, it is not actually possible to go on non-stop vacations. Well, unless you’re rich or an established travel writer/blogger. I’d take either of those options, but since both seem to be a long shot at the moment, I guess I’ll just have to take the sweatshirt. It’s a good reminder of vacations to come especially when it’s frigidly cold outside.

I can just imagine the look that will appear on my husband’s face if I purchase this sweatshirt. He already tells me that I think about vacationing way too much and this would likely take it to the next level. Score one for the sweatshirt.

When in Doubt, Vacation Sweatshirt • $62

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