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The Ultimate Birchbox Guide: Tips & Tricks To Save Big!

The Ultimate Birchbox Guide: Tips & Tricks to Save Big!

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The Ultimate Birchbox guide

As far as subscription box companies go, I firmly believe Birchbox has the most to offer. Not only were they one of the first monthly beauty boxes on the market, but they’ve expanded into a full online beauty store. (Not to mention the Birchbox Store that’s soon to open in New York City!)

While I’ve been a big fan of the products I’ve received in (most) of my Birchbox shipments from day 1, what I really like about this company is that they provide so many different ways to save and earn points (which ultimately save you even more money)!

If you’re a Birchbox subscriber (or considering joining), here are some tips and tricks that will help you earn more points and save big on your favorite beauty brands!

1. Subscribe to Birchbox for a year at a time

Birchbox costs $10 per month, but if you subscribe for a year you will pay $110, which means you’ll basically get one box for free. Birchbox occasionally offers promotions where you can get a year-long subscription for less, too, so be on the lookout for one of those! More recently Birchbox has been offering promotions where you can get a free Birchbox or extra gifts when you subscribe. Be on the lookout for any of these deals because all savings = awesome!

2. Once you’re a member, invite your friends to join

Granted, you may have already invited all of your friends to join and/or they may not be that interested, but it never hurts to ask! Now, you might be wondering why you should invite all of your friends to join Birchbox and the reason is this: For every friend that joins you will earn 50 Birchbox points, which is the equivalent of $5. That’s basically 5 free dollars to spend in the Birchbox shop for every friend who joins!

3. Review the items you receive each month

Birchbox gives you the opportunity to review the items that arrive in your Birchbox each month and receive 10 points for every review. That’s usually the equivalent of 50 points earned in a month, which, over the course of a year adds up to 600 points… or $60! Since the Birchbox for women costs $10 per month, or $120 per year, you will basically earn back half of your purchase cost in free credits just for reviewing the products you receive!

I haven’t always been good about reviewing products myself, and by that I mean that I rarely get around to reviewing anything, but I’ve really made a conscious effort the past couple of months and I’ve been excited to see the number of Birchbox points in my account rising! It typically takes me approximately 2 minutes to review each item, so it’s not much of a time commitment.

4. Shop in the Birchbox shop to earn points

For every full dollar you spend in the Birchbox store you will earn 1 Birchbox point. 1 Birchbox point is the equivalent of a dime, but those points can add up quickly!

5. Brand sales may apply at Birchbox

Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls is the bomb dot com, but boy is it expensive. I cringe every time I fork over $32 for one container of hair cream, but is it ever worth it! That said, Miss Jessie’s occasionally has a buy 1 get 1 free sale, which of course means that I stock up! I thought I would only be able to take advantage of this sale on the Miss Jessie’s website, but I found that Birchbox was also honoring the promotion, which meant I was able to stock up for 50% less than usual AND pay using my Birchbox points. I haven’t seen too many sales like this on the Birchbox website, but keep your eyes peeled! You never know when your favorite brand might be on sale!

6. Watch for promotions

Birchbox FREQUENTLY offers promotions. I would say that at least once every week, or at least every 2, I receive a promo code from the company. Occasionally it’s a code for a percentage off my order, and other times it’s an offer for free Birchbox points if a specific spending threshold is met, while other times it’s for a free gift with purchase. I normally try to time my Birchbox purchases with whatever their latest promotion is, though sometimes in a pinch I do place my order without a coupon! That said…

7. If you miss a promotion, call them!

While perusing the FAQ section of the Birchbox website I found the following interesting tidbit: “We will honor any orders placed 3 days prior to the promotion release date. If you forgot to use your promo code, contact us as soon as possible via phone at 877-487-7272 (9a-9p EST M-F) and have your order number ready. We will do our best to fulfill it!”

I wish I had known this before because it seems like every time I order from the Birchbox store without using a coupon they release an awesome promotion the next day!

8. Before purchasing, check the bonus shop

Did you know that there’s a Birchbox Bonus Shop? Although they made a big deal of this “shop” when it launched, I don’t hear much about it anymore. I always make sure to check it when I’m placing an order though because it’s filled with fun freebies! I last ordered from Birchbox two weeks ago and was able to pick up a Birchbox Mystery Sample Pack, which was free with any $35+ purchase. My sample pack included a Tili Bag and a full size ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss ($16). I was a little confused by the bag (though it’s great for travel), but the lip gloss was a score!

9. There’s no “cash back” on Birchbox points

One of the only things I don’t love about Birchbox is that, let’s say you place an order and want to pay with points. Your order costs $42, or 420 points, but you’ll have to pay using 500 points and those 80 points will just be lost. If you find yourself in a situation like this, I recommend looking for a small product to bring up the cost of your order so at least you get something and don’t completely waste those points!

10. Shipping

Products featured in that month’s Birchbox always ship for free (this includes all featured brands and not just the products that you personally receive)! All orders over $50 also ship for free, and Birchbox Aces receive free shipping on everything. Speaking of Aces..

11. Become an Ace

Recently, Birchbox launched Birchbox Aces, a VIP program for big spenders. (I feel slightly chagrined admitting that yes, I am a member.) You can become a Birchbox Ace when you earn 500 points in a calendar year, which actually isn’t that hard to do considering you can earn that many points just for reviewing all of your samples each month! Perks of being a Birchbox Ace include free shipping on all orders, free express shipping on all $100+ purchases, and the option to have one-on-one consultations with discovery specialists. Finally, you may get exclusive offers, but I don’t think I’ve had any of those come my way yet.

Birchbox is easily one of the most user-friendly beauty sites on the internet. There are so many different ways to save and earn points that this has become my number one beauty destination, especially for hard-to-find brands like Liz Earle. Here’s to hoping that Birchbox never changes their ways… and if they do, that they only provide us with MORE ways to save!

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  1. Birchbox has amazing customer service as well. They left an eyeliner out of my shipment, and after I called, they added points to my account, expedited my shipment and gave me THREE eyeliners instead of the one that I ordered! Their shipments have been messed up a few times lately, but hey- with such great customer service, I can overlook it 🙂 Great guide Lisa!

    1. Cheryl, I haven’t had any reason to call Birchbox customer service, but that’s absolutely amazing! It’s rare that I gush about a company, but I really feel like they’re doing so many things right!

      1. I agree on the customer service. They were late shipping my box a few months ago and sent me an e-mail saying they’d credited me with 100 points to make up for it–so $10, plus I still got the box! Their bonus shop has been a bit lacking lately, but about 6 months ago, I got an amazing Origins bonus, with like 4 deluxe samples. Needless to say, I made it into the Aces program…

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