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13 Unique Places to Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers Online

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13 Unique Places to Buy Valentine's Day Flowers Online |

‘Tis the season to be all lovey dovey, and frequently that means purchasing flowers for a loved one. Back in the good old days that meant heading to your local flower shop to pick something up on your way home from work, or perhaps ordering from the one online flower store that had set up a website. These days, however, there are so many different places where you can buy Valentine’s Day flowers online that it might seem daunting to find the perfect store. (If such a thing exists.)

If you’re going to be ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day, you’re probably going to want to think about placing your order soon. Otherwise, you risk the chance that you will be frantically Googling “same day flower delivery” on February 14. To help you along in the shopping process, I’ve compiled this list of some unique stores where you can order flowers online. Whether eco-friendly flowers are important to you or perhaps you want to get something completely off the grid like a bonsai tree, here’s a rundown of flower shops that deliver throughout the United States and will be able to deliver something wonderful to your loved ones… provided you place your order on time. (I can only do so much for you. 😜)

Where to Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers Online

Eco Flower

Wooden flowers from Eco Flower

Specialty: Wooden eco-friendly flowers

Cost: Bouquets tend to cost anywhere from $29.99-$64.99, but individual flowers and floral gifts are also available at various price points.

Claim to Fame: Featured on Shark Tank and received a $400,000 deal from Shark Daymond John, however, EcoFlower switched ownership and is no longer affiliated with the original founder or Daymond John.

If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s Day flowers, it doesn’t get much more unique than Eco Flower, where all of the flowers are made entirely of wood and other recycled materials. While the bouquets may not be for everyone, they’re one of the best flower delivery options for those who want their flowers to last longer than a few days to a couple of weeks since these wooden flowers can pretty much last forever. Curious to learn more about this alternative flower company? Check out this post about all of the materials they use to make their blooms.

Click here to check out the (faux) blooms at Eco Flower.

The Bouqs

The Bouqs Sweetness Bouquet

Specialty: Delivery of flowers grown on a volcano in Ecuador

Cost: $40-$60 per bouquet, including shipping

Claim to Fame: The Bouqs has also been featured on Shark Tank, although they did not walk away with a deal.

Check out my review of The Bouqs

I’ve long been a fan of The Bouqs for a few reasons. The most important one, of course, is that their bouquets are absolutely gorgeous. The second one is that they grow many of their flowers on a volcano in Ecuador, which is pretty freaking awesome. Of course, if that doesn’t excite you so much, they also have flowers grown in Colombia or California. Finally, it’s not hard to find a discount for this company as I see them pop up fairly regularly on sites like Gilt City.

As you browse this site, be sure to keep an eye on the shipping dates. Each bouquet lists the earliest delivery date available, which may be especially important if you are looking for Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

Click here to check out the blooms at The Bouqs.

Bloom That

Bloom That Flower Delivery Service: The Walter

Specialty: Next day floral delivery to most of the United States or same day flower delivery in New York City, Brooklyn, and the San Francisco Bay area

Cost: Varies

While the flower selection at Bloom That is not particularly large (at least their Chicago flower selection is not), I will say that their bouquets breathtakingly gorgeous. I also like that they offer plant delivery as one of their options, too, because sometimes it might be better to send an air plant like The Walter (above) than it would a bouquet of spring-colored blooms called The Cora.

Click here to check out the blooms at Bloom That.

Kremp Florist

Bev's Smother Bouquet from Kremp's

Specialty: Kremp Florist can do it all

Cost: Prices vary depending on the flowers ordered

Claim to Fame: Kremp is the official florist for the TV show The Goldbergs! Any flowers you see featured on that show will have come from this florist.

While Kremp is a Philadelphia-based family-run floral company, they ship and deliver their beautiful blooms around the country. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangement, wedding bouquets, or sympathy flowers, Kremp has a vast selection available. They also have insanely good reviews and have won quite a few awards, including National Retail Florist of the Year.

Click here to check out the blooms at Kremp Florist.

Bloomsy Box

Bloomsy Box Flower Subscription Service

Specialty: Monthly floral subscription service

Cost: $39.99 – $48.99 per month

Bloomsy Box is a monthly flower subscription service, so each month they will deliver a new package of freshly-cut seasonal blooms to the recipient of your choice. A flower subscription is a nice way to remind the recipient that they’re your valentine year-round, don’t you think?

Three different sized bouquets are available: small ($38.99), medium ($43.99 – includes shipping), and large ($48.99 – includes shipping). Weekly plans, as well as rose-only plans, are also available.

While Bloomsy Box is a monthly service, it’s easy to skip a month anytime flowers are not needed, and you can also cancel at any time.

Click here to check out Bloomsy Box.

Flower Explosion

Blue and Yellow Roses from Flower Explosion

Specialty: Custom tinted roses

Cost: Varies, with custom rose bouquets starting at $59.99

Flower Explosion is a pretty traditional flower store that offers hand-cut flower delivery throughout the United States. One of the things making this shop unique, however, is their selection of custom tinted roses. If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s Day flowers, I’m not sure it can get more unique than blue and yellow roses, which I know many of my fellow University of Michigan graduates would be excited about receiving. Those probably aren’t for everyone, but these Cotton Candy Tinted Roses would make for a beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet!

All flowers from Flower Explosion ship via FedEx. Be sure to check the dates on the website for earliest delivery dates.

Click here to check out the blooms at Flower Explosion.


The best Valentine's Day flowers: Fallin' in Love bouquet from Vivaroses

Specialty: Eco-friendly roses grown on a family farm located on a volcano

Cost: $50-$100 depending on the size of the bouquet – shipping is included in the cost of the flowers

If you’re looking for where to buy Valentine’s Day flowers, it doesn’t get better than a store that focuses exclusively on roses! After all, roses are pretty much the best flowers for Valentine’s Day!

The bouquets at VIVAROSES range from fairly classic colors such as those featured in the Fallin’ in Love Bouquet (above) to more avant-garde looks like their black roses or rainbow roses.

Click here to check out the blooms at VIVAROSES.

Bonsai Boy

Unique Valentine's Day Gift: Bonsai Tree

Specialty: Bonsai Trees

Cost: Varies

If you’re looking for unique flowers for Valentine’s Day, but don’t necessarily want a traditional flower, perhaps your recipient would love to receive a bonsai tree! Bonsai Boy of New York has an enormous selection of bonsai trees that cover a broad spectrum of price points and styles. The Shimpaku Bonsai Tree (above) costs just $64.95. For something a little more floral, the Flowering Dwarf Hibiscus ($49.95) may be a good option.

Bonsai trees are definitely not a traditional gift idea, but if you’re looking for an alternative to ordering flowers on Valentine’s Day, this could be a really fun idea!

Click here to check out Bonsai Boy!


FTD Tickled Pink Orchid Bouquet

Specialty: Everything

Cost: Prices vary and coupons are often available

Admittedly, FTD isn’t a unique place to buy Valentine’s Day flowers online. What they lack in uniqueness, however, they make up for in speediness, cost, and availability. FTD delivers everywhere and if you’re in a flower bind, this is a great place to shop for beautiful flowers online. They also get bonus points because if you get on their mailing list they will bombard you with coupons and flower sales, so you should never have to pay full price for your blooms! In other words, if Valentine’s Day flower deals are important to you, register for the FTD mailing list ASAP!

Wouldn’t an orchid bouquet like the one above be amazing to receive on Valentine’s Day? The various shades of pink are gorgeous and you might get bonus points for going with something other than traditional roses. Plus, according to, orchids stand for love, beauty, and fertility, which sounds to me like it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day flower!

Click here to check out the blooms at FTD!

Organic Bouquet

Peruvian Lilies

Specialty: Organic and sustainably grown flowers

Cost: Varies

All of the flowers sold by Organic Bouquet are EcoBloom Certified, which means they have multiple certifications in things like being sustainably grown, being grown on farms with fair labor practices, they’re fair trade certified, or any number of qualifications.

Click here to check out the blooms at Organic Bouquet!


Where to Buy Valentine's Day flowers online: Multi-colored Tulips from ProFlowers

Specialty: Flowers for any occasion + collaborations with companies like

Cost: Varies, but coupons are frequently available

While this list of where to buy Valentine’s Day flowers includes unique items like wooden flowers and fair trade flowers, ProFlowers is making the cut for an entirely different and far more superficial reason. I’ve received my fair share of flowers over the years, and they almost always come packaged with a new (boring) glass vase. What ProFlowers does that I like is they let you specify which vase you would like… if any! I know this is small, but in the vast world of online flower stores, it’s the little things like this that can help one company stand out from the others.

As for the flowers themselves, I’ve received flowers from ProFlowers on a few different occasions and they’re always beautiful. The Multi-Colored Tulips featured above are just $24.99, but I’m sure you can find a coupon (hint: register for their email list) to bring down the cost. ProFlowers is a great online flower store to have in your back pocket just in case you forget to purchase your Valentine’s Day flowers in a timely fashion because they can usually accommodate last-minute orders.

Click here to check out the blooms at ProFlowers!

Flowers for Dreams

Chicago flower delivery: Valentine's Day bouquet from Flowers for Dreams

Specialty: Flower delivery in Chicago

Cost: Prices start at $35, including free hand-delivery throughout most of the city

While I typically don’t include too many local-to-Chicago businesses on this nationally-focused shopping blog, I feel compelled to include Flowers for Dreams because I love their model so much!

Flowers for Dreams offers flower delivery in Chicago, and they curate their bouquets on a daily basis at local markets throughout the city. Bouquets are wrapped in recyclable cloth, though they also offer vases made from reclaimed wood or vintage tins.

Each month, this Chicago flower company donates a quarter of their profits to a local charity. Thus far, they’ve given away more than $194,000!

Perhaps most importantly, while they’re certainly doing a ton of good and running an ethical flower business, they’re also creating gorgeous floral bouquets that anyone would love to receive!

Click here to check out the blooms at Flowers for Dreams!


Do Tell: Are there are there any other places where you love to buy Valentine’s Day flowers online? Share your secrets!

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