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It has been awhile since I’ve just checked in and said hi, and I have a pretty big event happening tomorrow that I wanted to tell you about (and no, it’s not vacation, though I am departing for that tomorrow as well).

When I was in college I worked at The Michigan Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Michigan. I would call those some of the happiest (yet oddly angst-ridden) days of my life, and the people I met there will be always be some of my best friends. Thanks to the Daily, most of my friends are writers and/or journalists. Yet, after graduation I said there was no way I wanted to go in that direction, so I went on my happy way, moved out to Chicago and started a career in private school admissions. I’ve never talked about my day job before, but for the past eight years I have worked in admissions, the last six years being at a boarding school. There were perks to the job and downsides, but it was a job that I generally enjoyed more than I didn’t, so I couldn’t complain too much. That said, as you know I started this blog back in March of 2009 and I would mark that moment as one of the most unintentionally life-changing days I’ve ever had.

Through this site I found my way back to what I originally denounced after college, but what I enjoy so much: Writing. People have asked before how I can update this site so often and I can honestly reply that it doesn’t feel like work when you love what you’re doing. And beginning tomorrow, I’m excited that I will get to love what I’m doing everyday, as I’m leaving private schools behind to embark on a new career as a freelance writer/designer/blogger!!

I apologize if I have posted less these past few months, but I’m easily distracted and I had to work out a lot of things. I find the concept of leaving behind a steady paycheck to be both exhilarating AND terrifying. I’m terrified I’m making the stupidest decision ever and that any paycheck is better none, and I’m exhilarated at the possibilities that lay before me.

I’m excited to see where this site goes once I can devote more time to it, and I’m excited to start freelancing. I’m excited to be my own boss, although a little scared I’m going to go insane sitting at home with my dogs all day. We shall see, I guess. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out… Even if I find myself with another desk job in September, I think I’ll look back on myself in 20 years and be really proud that I took this leap.

So… that’s where I’ve been. And next week I’ll be gone completely on vacation, celebrating the marriage of two friends and celebrating the start of a new career path. Megan will still be here next week and we have a couple of fantabulous guest posters lined up, though, so please stop by.

As always, thank you for reading this site, and “see” you soon!

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  1. Congrats on making such a great move – it’s inspiring! I’m sure you can always go back to a steady job – I think it’s worth the risk to try doing the thing you love full-time! Good luck 🙂 And enjoy your holiday!

  2. Congratulations Lisa. I read your blog everyday (thanks for all the tips & shares) and always wondered how you could devote so much time to keeping your blog current. Good luck in all things!

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