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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Boomf Magical Mallows

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Boomf Magical Mallows

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Remember the olden days of printing a picture? Now with social media and technology, all of our memories are preserved forever. I still think there is something sweet about printing a picture and gifting it to a loved one. My husband loves photos, but doesn’t have a lot of space at work to display them. That got me thinking, he loves sweets and our kids, so why not give him both! Enter Boomf.

With Boomf “you can upload pictures from your desktop or camera roll, or login with Instagram or Facebook to get photos from there. Choose nine photos you like and go to the checkout. It’s that simple.” After choosing and uploading your photos they get printed onto marshmallows! Brilliant. This sure beats cards or chocolates!

I love any and all things British, so of course I’m head over heels for these. Plus they were founded by Kate Middleton’s brother James, so they have to be awesome, right?! 😉 I was also dying to know why they came up with the name Boomf, and my question has been answered:

  1. Why is Boomf called Boomf?

    Boomf is the sound of the mallows landing on your doormat. Also, it’s the first word a marshmallow could say if you were teaching it to speak.


How fun are these?! I love seeing them in action!

boomf magical marshmallows{Photo courtesy of jesiiii and boomf}


If having your (or your significant other’s) face on a marshmallow seems odd to you, then check out their messages. How great are these Veronica Daley ones?! They are perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Although the company is out of London they offer free worldwide delivery. It’s $25 for a box of 9, which may seem like a lot, but I’m totally interested in trying it! It says the delivery estimate for the US is 7 working days, so keep that in mind when ordering.

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