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Wantable Fitness Edit Review – A Subscription Box For Fitness Fanatics

Wantable Fitness Edit Review – a Subscription Box for Fitness Fanatics

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Since January is the month of resolutions and working out, we thought a review of Wantable’s new Fitness Subscription Box might be right up your alley. Personally, the only time I am truly motivated to work out is when I buy new clothes to wear. Yes, probably not the motivation most people have, but I’m just being honest. I have tried to find quality workout wear that isn’t too skimpy, expensive or low quality but it is pretty tough to do. I don’t want to pay $100 for pants that I am just going to sweat in, but I don’t want to buy a bargain pair if they fall apart.

With the Fitness Edit through Wantable, you fill out a short survey online before the stylist selects items they think you will enjoy.

First, they ask you to Love, Like or Dislike a series of categories, including:

  • Type of exercise preferred (Yoga/Pilates, Running, In the Gym)
  • Color options
  • Types of undergarments
  • Cost range per item (Bottoms & hoodies: under $59, $60-$89, $90 and up; Tops & bras: under $39, $40-$59, $60 and up)
  • Size information

Wantable Fitness Review: Survey QuestionI was a little confused as to the icons vs. the Love, Like or Dislike squares, but eventually figured out that the green heart meant Love, the blue thumbs up meant Like and the black X meant Dislike. (I’m a mom of two very active kids, so my brain turns to mush sometimes).

They then give you a photographic summary of your Loves, Likes and Dislikes and give you a small section to add comments. I would suggest letting customers add as much detail in this section as possible. If I had more room, I would have told the stylist more detail about my body type and how clothes typically fit me.

Wantable Fitness Review: Survey SummaryYou are then charged a $20 stylist fee, which will be applied to any purchases you make. (This is similar to what Stitch Fix does, for any of you that subscribe to that site.)

It took quite a while for my box to arrive- I placed my order on 12-22-14 and it didn’t arrive until 1-13-15 and they are only a hop skip and a jump away in Milwaukee. I am not sure if this is typical or it got caught up in the holiday madness or if they are working out bugs in the system. Anyways, I wasn’t exercising much during those weeks so it didn’t bother me!

Wantable Fitness Edit Subscription Box Review

Five pieces arrived in my box:

Wantable Fitness Review: Malibu HoodieMalibu Hoodie (Short-sleeved hoodie)- $45

Wantable Fitness Edit: Cowl Neck TopJK Cowl Neck (Long dolman-sleeved pullover)- $99

Wantable Fitness Edit: Vinyasa TopBe Up Vinyasa Top (Sleeveless tank)- $54

Wantable Fitness Edit: Capri PantsBody Language Sportswear Clea Capri (Cropped pants)- $72

Wantable Fitness Edit: Supreme LeggingsBe Up Supreme Leggings (Long pants)- $69

The variety of items was great for a novice like me. I don’t really know what I like when I work out since I usually wear old t-shirts and some leggings. This allowed me to figure out what worked for me and what was uncomfortable.

My Thoughts:

If you are a person who lives in workout gear, the hoodie and pullover would probably work well for you. For me, I only wear workout gear when I… workout. The two tops were listed as “leisure” wear as opposed to actual workout pieces. These styles are quite popular where I live since a lot of the moms integrate working out into their daily life. In terms of fit and quality, they were spot on. They were both long enough to cover my bottom (a MUST if I am wearing tight pants) and I could tell they were the type to retain their shape after washing.

The sleeveless tank, however was confusing to me. It wasn’t tight enough around the waist to stay put when I moved, and the criss-cross decorative element kept sliding around. I am more function over form when it comes to workout gear (but a cute patterns never hurts!).

As for the pants, they both fit very well. The cropped pants were a little too low rise for my liking- I was worried that they would cause a wardrobe malfunction mid-workout. I have a crazy long torso, though, so they would be ok for the majority of women. As for the long pants, I totally dug the blue cobra print! The pants were actually long enough to hit my ankles, but not too long that they would trip me up. The pattern camouflaged any not so wonderful parts and fit like a dream. Again, high quality fabric that fit well.

You have 5 days to try on the garments that come in the Wantable Fitness Box before you need to return what you don’t wish to purchase using the pre-paid label that comes in the box. MAKE SURE to keep items out of the reach of little hands at home who like to rip tags off clothing because tags must stay intact in order to return the items. Once they receive the box back, Wantable then bills you for any items you kept, minus the $20 styling fee.

Want to keep all 5 pieces? You then get a pretty steep 30% discount. Here is what my total would have been if I kept all of the pieces:

Merchandise Total: $339

Styling Fee: -$20

Keep All 30% Discount: -$101.70

Total: $217.30

I appreciated that the stylist didn’t give me any bright colored apparel (since I stated that I like neutrals) and stayed true to the types of exercises that I prefer. The prices are a bit more than what I am used to paying for fitness gear, but I think they are in line with what a lot of boutiques charge (in comparison, Lululemon yoga pants generally run around $100). This is a subscription box, however, so if you don’t want to have a new box come every month, make sure to turn off automatic shipments in your account settings.

What do you think about the Wantable Fitness Edit? Is it something you would be interested in trying?


Cheryl Leahy is the author of the blog all dressed up with nothing to drink…and her motto is“Don’t Give Up! Figuring out how to adapt to motherhood while keeping a sense of self is an art form.” She is also the Style Editor for The Little Style File and is a featured contributor and social media manager for 30Second Mom.

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