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What Wine Pairs Best with a Netflix Marathon?

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Netflix and Wine go together like peanut butter and chocolate. They just complement each other perfectly. With all this nasty weather – bomb cyclones?!?! – it’s time to cuddle up indoors and enjoy a Netflix marathon. Not sure what to watch and/or which wine you need? Don’t worry… we have you covered!

What wine pairs best with a Netflix marathon?

Let’s say it has been a long week, and you are tired. You need to veg out in the worst way. You could go a few different routes: deep breathing, meditation, a little yoga. OR you could follow my preferred lead, especially when it’s cold, snowy, and disgusting outside: Dig into a fantastic binge watchathon. You’ll need a good blanket to cozy up under, snacks, and most of all, wine! If you don’t have any wine on hand, check out my favorite wine delivery service, Winc. Each month they’ll send you a box of three wines that are picked based on your preferences! Click here to save $20 on your first box!

This begs the question: what wine pairs best with a Netflix marathon? Put on your comfy jammies, pick up your Amazon Fire TV remote, and let’s get down to business drinking wine and binge watching a few of my favorite shows.


Robin Wright in House of Cards

House of Cards

Pair with: Cabernet Sauvignon

If you love deception, plot lines you can sink your teeth into and political subterfuge, House of Cards is the way to go. The show was immensely watchable with Kevin Spacey, but I’m looking forward to the upcoming season even more now that he’s been booted from the show. I can’t wait to see how Robin Wright steps in and slays her now even larger role.

Pair your binge with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Robust and dark, this is the only bottle that pairs perfectly with the thrill of a master plan.


Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Pair with: Chardonnay

Piper, the main character in Orange is the New Black, is the epitome of basic. Somehow or the other, she gets involved with a bad element and commits a felony. Once she’s convicted, she shows up in her Toms, newly armed with information from a book on how to survive in prison.

For a night with Piper, the only way to go is with a basic Chardonnay. It isn’t the most unique wine in the world, but it is solid and it is a staple of any journey, even to the federal penitentiary.

Binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Gilmore Girls

Pair with: Prosecco

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have never heard of Lorelai and Rory, the famous Gilmore girls. After an unexpected teen pregnancy, Lorelai flees her home in a posh Connecticut mansion for the security and safety of the Independence Inn in Star’s Hollow. With fast-talking dialogue and the quirky but lovable characters, these episodes are like potato chips – you can’t watch just one. And, when you finish the original run of the show, don’t forget to watch the feature-length new episodes that Netflix released last year! If you really go crazy for the show, be sure to check out our Gilmore Girls gift guide!

Bubbly and effervescent, you MUST have a bottle of Prosecco at your side and maybe an extra if you need to deal with a real-life Emily Gilmore!

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Master of None

Master of None

Pair with: Pinot Grigio

If you love to laugh, and your family drives you nuts, Master of None is the show for you. With a cast starring the uproariously funny Aziz Ansari, we follow a professional actor named Dev around New York and get roped into his crazy life.

This show is known for its diverse cast, and for a wine that does good work with a diverse variety of foods, you gotta go with Pinot Grigio.



Pair with: Malbec

For drama, a plot that moves at the speed of light, and the biggest wine enthusiast of the group, you have to go with Olivia Pope and the rest of the characters in Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal. Olivia Pope runs a crisis management firm, but she is having trouble managing her own crisis – an affair with the most powerful man in the world.

Deep, bold and dramatic, you can’t go with anything but Malbec to endure the scandal.

Follow these suggestions and grab a great snack to go with your glass. This is going to be one awesome Netflix marathon!

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