11 Stores Where You Can Buy Stylish Swimsuits Online

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There is nothing – and I mean NOTHING – that I detest more than shopping for swimsuits. I remember hating it even when I was a kid trying on speedos at the store for swim class. It’s just so blah. The main thing between now and when I was young is that there are so many places where you can shop online, so awkwardly trying on a swimsuit in a fitting room (and prancing out in said suit to your mom with your undies sticking out) is no longer something we must endure. Since swim season is almost here I thought I’d share some of my favorite stores where you can buy stylish swimsuits online.

Purchasing swimsuits may not seem ideal the first time, but you’ll quickly learn your size. You’ll also be able to try the suit on in the comfort of your own home and send it back if it doesn’t fit. Nobody will ever have to know… or see you.

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Where to Buy Stylish Swimsuits Online


You can buy stylish swimsuits online at ModCloth for women of all data-lazy-sizes

ModCloth is actually one of my very favorite places to shop for stylish swimsuits online. They have a huge selection of styles so you’re sure to find something you love. If it’s a retro swimsuit you are after this is definitely your store because it seems like they carry more retro styles than any other store.

ModCloth is also a great destination to shop for plus size swimsuits. They definitely carry more suits in “traditional” sizing, but their plus size styles are nothing to scoff at as they carry more styles than you’ll find pretty much anywhere else.


Buy stylish swimsuits online at Target!

How can you not love the swim section at Target? They seem to bring out the suits earlier than any other retailer, and they’re usually available through the end of the summer. While I’m always impressed at how many swimsuits Target carries in-stores, it’s nothing compared to the number of suits that are available online. One of my favorite things about Target? You can buy online and return to your local store, if need be. That’s an awesome perk for swimsuit shopping, where it might take a few options to find the perfect suit!


Athleta Swim

If you’re looking for sportier styles that will keep everything in place as you run around the beach, Athleta is definitely the place you want to look. The prices are mid-range, I’d say, with most suits in the $100 range. If that’s too much, you might want to check out Athleta’s return policy: It’s one of the friendliest of any store! Athleta will take back any item at any time, regardless of whether it has been worn… including swimwear.


Stylish Swimwear: Boden is always a great place to shop

My dream? A wardrobe consisting entirely of items from Boden! I love their feminine styles and that includes their swimsuits. I think their swim styles look fairly expensive, but all of their suits cost less than $100!

Lands’ End

Lands' End Swim

In my opinion, Lands’ End is where you go if you are looking for a moderately-priced classic swimsuit. While the suits may cost a bit more, I’ve never had anything I’ve purchased wear out, and the items they sell never go out of style. In other words, a suit from Lands’ End may be a worthwhile investment that you’ll be able to wear for years to come!


Stylish Swimwear from LOFT

The swimwear styles available at LOFT this year are incredibly cute and I’d never be able to pick just one to purchase. Luckily their selection is fairly narrow and isn’t overwhelming. But how you’ll ever choose between the suits they do have is a mystery to me.


Forever21 is a great place to shop for stylish swimwear that doesn't cost a fortune!

If you want a trendy swimsuit that doesn’t cost a fortune, Forever21 is definitely the place to look as they have all of the season’s hottest styles at a fraction of the cost you will find them elsewhere. Despite the low price, I’ve purchased suits from Forever21 before and actually found the quality to be quite good. Obviously, that’s probably not the case for all styles, but don’t be scared off by the price (or the brand).

(Plus Size) Torrid

If you want stylish plus size swimwear, Torrid is a great place to shop!

Sadly enough, stylish plus size swimsuits only really became a thing over the past couple of years. Stores like Torrid deserve a lot of credit for designing stylish suits for women at a time that nobody else was doing so. While you can now find stylish plus size swimwear at most stores, the selection is rarely as large or as varied as the selection that you will find at Torrid. They have one-pieces, bikinis, tankinis and swim dresses so curvy gals can show as much or as little skin as they want.


You can buy stylish swimsuits online from boohoo.com

For affordable swim styles that you are unlikely to see anywhere else, I highly recommend checking out Boohoo.com. They carry only the latest trends at great prices. For instance, both of the bikinis above – both the top and the bottom together – cost just $35!


Stylish swimsuits from ASOS

ASOS has one of the largest collections of stylish swimsuits you can buy online at 2,000+ suits, so if you want to buy stylish swimsuits online this is definitely a great place to start!! If you can’t find a suit here that you love, well, I don’t know what to tell you! The prices at ASOS run the gamut from budget-friendly to high-end and everything in between. While ASOS has an enormous assortment of swimsuits, the plus size options are few and not that stylish.

(Plus Size) Monif C.

Plus Size Swimwear from Monif C.

Plus size women who aren’t afraid of a little (or a lot) of color should definitely check out Monif C. The suits here are one-of-a-kind and you won’t find them anywhere else. They’re also bold, dramatic and designed to flatter a curvy body.

Here are some of our other favorite swimsuits that can be bought online from these stores:

What other stores are your go-to if you want to buy stylish swimsuits online?

Where to buy stylish swimsuits online - 11 stores with fantastic styles for women of all data-lazy-sizes | ShopGirlDaily.com

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