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Candy Club: The Sweetest Subscription Box of All

Candy Club: The Sweetest Subscription Box of Them All

You probably all know by now that I have a huge sweet tooth, so I was stoked to be given the opportunity to try out Candy Club, a subscription box for candy lovers. Seriously – what could be better?

With a subscription to Candy Club, the recipient will receive three surprisingly large containers of candy each month – that’s up to three pounds of candy! Sometimes, as was the case with my box, they might even throw in a surprise fourth candy. Yum!

Candy from Candy Club

Does that look delicious or what? My husband and I may have had a candy feast last night!

Plaid Cow Society

Plaid Cow Society Review: Fresh Beef Shipped to Your Door

Plaid Cow Society

Aside from a brisket my husband paid top dollar for two years ago, I rarely think the meat we purchase is anything to write home about. It’s all just kind of bland and meaty, you know? We’ve had plenty of beef over the years, but we’ve had very few cuts of beef that I remember.

That all changed a few weeks ago, however, when I received a box of fresh beef from Plaid Cow Society.

Plaid Cow Society is a beef subscription service

Plaid Cow Society is a beef subscription service that ships fresh – never frozen – beef straight to your door. The beef from Plaid Cow Society is from grass-fed free-roaming cows. It’s hormone free and cuts of meat are not held together using meat glue (which I’m disgusted to now know is a thing), instead they just give you smaller cuts of beef.

Plaid Cow Society Box

I’ll be honest with you: These aren’t things I’ve ever really given much thought to before. Would I prefer my meat be as fresh as possible and that the cows live hormone-free happy lives? Yes, of course, but once it reaches me my main priority is that it tastes good. And oh, does this beef ever taste good.

Believe me when I say that neither I nor my husband has had better beef at home than what we received in our box from Plaid Cow Society. Seriously.

I commented on it first, when we used a package of skirt steak to make tacos.

“Dang. This steak actually tastes REALLY good.” In fact, the tacos – and the beef, in particular – were so tasty that I went back for seconds (and thirds).

The next night we used some of the ground beef to make hamburgers (that we’ve recently begun slathering in fry sauce, which is completely new to us and we are obsessed). On this night my husband had the same response that I’d had to the skirt steak.

“These are some really good hamburgers. Where did you say this meat came from again?”

He then opened up the Plaid Cow Society website and we discussed whether we would need a one- or two-person subscription, because, obviously, we would need to keep this kind of deliciousness coming.

We’ve honestly never been this collectively excited about a meat product before and I can’t see us purchasing red meat from any other source in the near future. The taste and quality difference were just that superior to any other beef we’ve purchased.

Peace Picnic Blanket From Cambodia

Subscription Box Review: GlobeIn – Globally-Made Artisan Products

GlobeIn Subscription Box Review |

While I don’t review many subscription boxes anymore, I was intrigued by GlobeIn and wanted to see what they have to offer. Afterall, GlobeIn is a box filled with handmade artisan products from around the world, which are two things I love! I’d travel non-stop if I could, but since that’s not an option, boxes like this allow me to experience a little bit of the world from the comfort of my couch.

GlobeIn boxes are typically themed, and the theme of my box is “Picnic.”

Here’s what I received from GlobeIn:

Travel Cup from India

Travel Cup from India

It may be hard to tell from this image, but in-person you can very clearly tell that the beautiful brush strokes on this cup were done by hand. I absolutely love this cup and think it’d be perfect as a nightstand water cup, but I’ll be honest: It’s the perfect size for my toddler’s chubby hand so I know he’s going to be putting this to good use and I’m hopeful to eventually claim it back as my own!

Description: This cup was made by “Dilshad Hussain and his group of stainless steel artisans situated just outside Moradabad.”

Popsugar Must Have Mini Subscription Box Review

I have been a loyal and obsessive subscriber of the Popsugar Must Have Subscription Box for a few years now. I adore it- honestly, my favorite day of the month is when that pink package hits my front door. Popsugar recently released a Mini version of the Must Have Box, and I thought, “If the full size is great, why shouldn’t the mini be just as amazing? Good things come in small packages, right?”


Here are the details:

  • Monthly curated box of full size products including fashion, beauty and home
  • Different products from the full size Must Have Box
  • Cost is $18.95, shipping included; auto-renews every month

I excitedly placed my order for their inaugural April box, dreaming of cool gadgets, funky yet functional jewelry and stuff that I never knew I needed, but suddenly couldn’t live without. The box came and while I enjoyed what was inside, I was a little bummed.

Classic Split Cover Up From Lemlem By Supermodel Liya Kebede

PopSugar Must Have CFDA Box is Now Available

Every so often the powers behind the PopSugar Must Have Box release a limited-edition box, and one is available right now that some fashionistas may love. The limited edition PopSugar Must Have x CFDA Box  is available for the second…

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