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33 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Gilmore Girls Groupie

33 Gift Ideas for your Favorite Gilmore Girls Groupie

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True Story: Back when my son was born I took a month off to take care of him and binge watch TV. My goal was to watch all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls, which seemed pretty achievable since I can binge watch TV with the best of them. Unfortunately, life got in the way and in those early days I found that I just wasn’t interested in watching anything on TV. So here we are, 20+ months later, and I am STILL working on finishing the show. I’m getting close, though – I just started season 6 – and my goal is to finish in time to binge watch the new specials that are being released on Netflix on November 25.

Because I am spending way too much time thinking about the Gilmore Girls these days, I can’t help but get excited when I find gift ideas that I think my fellow Gilmore Girls groupies would love. If you count yourself among their fans (or are shopping for someone who is), this list of Gilmore Girls gift ideas is for you.

33 Gilmore Girls Gift Ideas

In Omnia Paratus Poster

In Omnia Paratus Poster

$17.50+ from Window Shop Gal


Based on the sheer volume of items I found with the words “In Omnia Paratus” that were in specific reference to this episode of Gilmore Girls, I feel confident saying it was a favorite of many (most?) watchers, myself included. Obviously, this poster references the show but is also subtle enough that non-Gilmore watchers won’t give you a weird look if it’s hanging in your living room.


What She Tackles She Conquers Notepad

What She Tackles She Conquers To-Do List

$7.50 from Paper Rocket Studio


Is this the perfect notepad to get you motivated, or what? Write out your daily to-do list and then get going. Conquer all the things!


Drinking Coffee Like a Gilmore Travel Mug

Drinking Coffee Like a Gilmore Travel Mug

$23+ from Twinkle Twinkle ‘Lil Jar


Are there any coffee lovers out there who don’t drink coffee like the Gilmores? Although I admit that I generally prefer a delicious pumpkin spice latte

Gilmore Girls Where You Lead I Will Follow Keychain

Where You Lead, I Will Follow Keychain

$12 from Emilina Ballerina


I am absolutely positive that I’m not alone in belting out that ridiculously catchy theme song every single time it’s played! I’m already a little sad about finishing the series soon because I won’t have a reason to hear it 5-6 times per day.


Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything In-Between) by Lauren Graham

$16.66 from Amazon (released November 29, 2016)


Lauren Graham wrote a book about her experiences as Lorelei Gilmore (and the rest of her life) and this is sure to be on many Gilmore-lovers wish lists this holiday season!



Guys of Gilmore Tee

Guys of Gilmore Tee

$24 from Urban Tee Farm


I already mentioned that I’m a Logan lover, but I’ve come to appreciate all of these dudes. Well, except Dean. I have no use for him in my Gilmore world.


The Women of Gilmore Girls

The Women of Gilmore Girls Tee

$19.95+ from Boots Tees


If we’re going to list out the men of Gilmore Girls, we should list out the women, too, right?


Eat Like a Gilmore Cookbook

Eat Like a Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Gilmore Girls by Kristi Carlson

$14.99 from Amazon


I am so curious about this cookbook because I can’t imagine what’s included. 300 recipes for Poptarts? How to make the perfect cup of coffee? The best pizza delivery service in each city?


I can't stop drinking coffee cross stitch

Cross Stitch Gilmore Girls Quote

$36 from Bananya Stand


I thought this was one of the best Gilmore Girl quotes, personally, probably because I can very definitely relate! This would be a fun Gilmore Girls gift idea for your favorite coffee drinker!


Gilmore Girls Pin Set

Gilmore Girls Pin Set

$7.00+ from Regret Factory


Mini pins and buttons area ll the rage right now, so these would be a cute addition to any Gilmore Girls pin set!


Hep Alien Tee

Hep Alien Tee

$28 from Kindred Handicrafts


So… I’m not very good with the details when it comes to TV shows. I rarely know character names, even for shows that I love. As a result, it was only when I was pulling together this post did I learn that Hep Alien is the name of Lane’s band. #themoreyouknow


Logan Quote Print

Hundred Years Quote Print

$15 from Paige Firnberg Design


I know it’s a quote from a TV show, but it’s perfect, right? (I swear, I’m not just saying that because it’s a Logan quote!)


Music from Gilmore Girls

Our Little Corner of the World: Music from Gilmore Girls

$12.34 from Amazon


Oh man, EVERYTHING is starting to come together… I already mentioned my love of the theme song and now I learn – thanks to this CD – that it’s a Carole King song, which fully explains what I thought were some really random guest appearances by Carole on the show. I probably should have known that this was a Carole King song (from the 70s!), but music is not my forte. Overall, this CD contains 24 different songs.


Chilton Alumni Tee

Chilton Alumni Tee

$24 from Urban Tee Farm


Oh, those Chilton days. Was anyone else a little bummed when Tristan left? I know he was totally a jerk, but I think I have a soft spot in my heart for TV jerks. And that graduation speech… Well, thanks to this tee we can all be Chilton alumni!


I Love You a Thousand Daisies Card

Thousand Yellow Daisies Card

$3.99+ from Genuine Design Company


I’m not going to lie… I don’t know to what this is referring but I’m not going to look it up either because I don’t want to see any spoilers. (Granted, I know there’s a possibility that it already happened and it’s a detail I missed. 😜)

Copper Boom Tee

Copper Boom Tee

$28 from Kindred Handicrafts


Speaking of Gilmore Girl references that don’t make any sense to me, there’s the phrase Copper Boom. I included one item on the list though because I saw it absolutely everywhere. Also, despite not knowing the reference I just like this tee!


World of Books ToteWorld of Books Tote

$22 from Hey There Design


This would be the perfect gift for a Rory lover… or even an unsuspecting Gilmore Girls fan. It’s a great quote, even if it came from a fictional character!



Dragonfly Inn Keychain

Dragonfly Inn Keychain

$6 from Greenwich Letterpress


You can take a little bit of Stars Hollow with you wherever you go with this awesome keychain!


Gilmore Girls Coloring Book

Gilmore Girls Coloring Book

$6.50 from The Card Architect


Adult coloring books are supposed to be great for stress-relief, which means this one might be necessary to calm the anxiety you may feel after watching the Netflix special and realizing that could really and truly be the last visit to Stars Hollow ever.

Lorelai's Winter Wonderland Candle

Lorelai’s Winter Wonderland Candle

$12 from The Candle Crate


Does anyone else think there’s a chance that this candle smells like coffee and Poptarts? According to the description it’s actually a blend of fresh peppermint, vanilla and chocolate, which also sounds amazing!


Oy with the Poodles Already Notebook

Oy with the Poodles Already Notebook

$5.61 from Invisible Crown


Including just one “Oy with the poodles already” item on this list was difficult because you can get this phrase on just about anything.


Books of Stars Hollow Poster

Books of Stars Hollow Poster

$26+ from Northern Liberties


I thought that I’d try to include a couple of Rory’s favorite/most meaningful books on this list, but then I found this poster and it seemed like a better option. It includes all of the books featured on the show, and each book has a checkmark so that you can indicate whenever you’ve read something.


Gilmore Girls Bath Bombs

Gilmore Girls Bath Bombs

$18 from Pick Me Cups


Pair these bath bombs with the Gilmore Girls coloring book for the ultimate in relaxing gifts!

Gilmore Girls gift ideas: I left my heart in Stars Hollow pillow

I Left My Heart in Stars Hollow Pillow

$26 from The Film Artist


I kid you not: I fell in love with one of the cities my husband and I considered moving to because it reminded me so much of Stars Hollow, with an adorable town square and incredibly friendly citizens. What I’m saying is that I totally get the love for Stars Hollow!


Gilmore Girls Tote BAg

Gilmore Girls Tote Bag

$19.99 from Genuine Design Co.


Carry this bag on your arm and anyone in-the-know is going to give you an approving smile. Everyone else will probably just be really confused. Their loss.



Set of 12 Gilmore Girls Bingo Cards

$10 from Genuine Design Company


These Gilmore Girls bingo cards are a must if you’re planning on having a viewing party for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! There are 12 different designs included with each pack.

Gilmore Girls Pencil Set

Gilmore Girls Pencil Set

$17.95 from LZPENCILS


These pencils are perfect for the office, and I’d be sure to bring the “Nothing excited me before 11 a.m. pencil” to EVERY morning meeting to let your feelings be known.


Where You Lead I Will Follow Globe

Where You Lead I Will Follow Globe

$25 from Steadfast Truth


I have a feeling that whenever we buy a house I will fill it with uniquely decorated globes. I saw this one and wanted it instantly! Like some of the other items on this list, it’s a Gilmore Girls gift idea that doesn’t necessarily scream “GILMORE,” so it could be good for non-fans, too!


Luke's Diner Single Serve Coffee Cups
Luke’s Diner Single Serve Coffee Cups

$19.99 from Urban Tee Farm


Sad news, coffee lovers… You won’t be able to get these coffee cups before A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix, but they would still make a great holiday gift for the ultimate Luke lover!


Luke's Diner Coffee Mug

Luke’s Diner Coffee Mug

$14+ from Gavlan Designs


Of course, if you’re going to splurge on Luke’s coffee, you’ll probably want to drink it out of a giant Luke’s Diner mug!


Gilmore Girls Coasters

Gilmore Girls Coaster Set

$8.75 from Leelo Jewelry Supplies


These coasters feature advertising for some of the best locations in Stars Hollow, including Luke’s Diner, the Dragonfly Inn, Al’s Pancake World, and Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppe.


Gilmore Girls gift ideas: Schnickelfritz Felt Banner

Schnickelfritz Banner

$24 from School of Gilmore


What Gilmore Girls viewing party would be complete without a Schnickelfritz banner?!



Gilmore Girls: Seasons 1-7

$136.95 from Amazon

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without the entire DVD set making an appearance. (An acceptable alternative? A Netflix subscription for 24-hour-a-day streaming access… and access to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life!) When it comes to Gilmore Girls gift ideas, it doesn’t get any better than this.


Do Tell: Are you a fan of any of these Gilmore Girls gift ideas? Are there others that you’ve found and loved?


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