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24 Gift Ideas For The Instant Pot Obsessed

24 Gift Ideas for the Instant Pot Obsessed

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Instant Pots are easily one of the hottest kitchen tools one can have right now. If you’re shopping for someone with an Insta-obsession, you’re going to want to check out these Instant Pot gift ideas, which includes a bunch of Instant Pot accessories and more!

Instant Pot Gift Ideas |

Last week I shared my thoughts about why the Instant Pot is so freaking awesome and my absolute favorite cooking tool. Today I thought I’d share a fun little Instant Pot gift guide I put together for anyone that’s as obsessed with their Instant Pot as I am… whether that’s you or someone you’ll be doing some shopping for in the months ahead! These Instant Pot gift ideas run the gamut from an awesome new cookbook to a t-shirt (!) to myriad Instant Pot accessories like silicone egg molds and the best Instant Pot cheesecake mold.

Of course, we might be getting ahead of ourselves. The #1 item on your shopping list should, of course, be an Instant Pot. (I recommend the Instant Pot 8 Quart or 6 Quart.) Then, once you have that, you can start accessorizing with any of the many items listed below.

Instant Pot Gift Ideas

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Click through for more details on each item + a few Instant Pot gift ideas from Etsy!

EuroCuisine 8-Piece Clear Yogurt Jar Set

Instant Pot Yogurt Cups

If you haven’t tried making yogurt in your Instant Pot yet, you’re in for a real treat! You can use these glass jars both to make the yogurt and to store it in the fridge. One reason I love these jars more than typical small glass canning jars is that they let you keep track of the date with a dial on the top of each lid. They’re super convenient!


Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy and Fast

by Urvashi Pitre

There’s no shortage of Instant Pot cookbooks on the market and you can also spend hours scouring all of the recipe options on Pinterest. What I love about this particular cookbook, though, is that it has a very specific focus on tasty Indian cuisine.


Silicone Mini Mitts

The reason items cook so quickly in the Instant Pot is because of the build-up of steam within the machine. While that’s awesome and all, it means that taking items out of the pot after they’re done cooking can be a bit treacherous. These little mitts are perfect for reaching into the pot and grabbing out whichever Instant Pot accessory you were using, be it a steamer, egg rack, or cheesecake. (Yes, I’m obsessed with Instant Pot cheesecake! I mean… Salted caramel cheesecake? Oreo cheesecake? Yum! )


Instant Pot Carrier

Sometimes you’re going to want to bring your Instant Pot on the road and this carrier will make it easy!


Stainless Steel Steamer Basket

There’s so much you can do with this stainless steel basket, which fits both the 6 qt. and 8 qt. Instant Pot models. Most vegetable steamer baskets lie pretty flat, but since this one has tall walls, it can hold items that may not be possible in other steamer baskets. Also, this is a 2-in-1 product because it can also serve as a colander when the pressure cooker isn’t in use.


Tempered Glass Lid

Instant Pots have a slow cooker setting. This glass top will help you replicate the slow cooking process even further.

Pressure Cooking T-Shirt

Instant Pot T-Shirt

This tee shirt is one of the best Instant Pot gift ideas I’ve seen, and it’s perfect for the really gung-ho fan!


Silicone Lid

Want to quickly store the leftovers i last night’s Instant Pot dinner without dirtying another dish? You need a silicone lid! This lid will help keep your food fresh and help prevent leaks!


Stackable Steamer Insert

With a steamer insert like this one, you could possibly cook an entire meal in one go of the Instant Pot!


Vegetable Steamer Basket

This is a more traditional vegetable steamer basket that lies flat. There’s nothing wrong with either of the steamer baskets I’ve shared – sometimes, it’s just a matter of having options.


Silicone Springform Loaf Pan

Did you know that you can make cake and breads in your Instant Pot? You can! You’ll probably want to invest in something like this loaf pan, though, before attempting your first bread. And you’ll probably want to get two so that you can share a loaf with me. 😉


Instant Pot Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Home sous vide circulators are apparently really popular right now. They’re  also really expensive. This Instant Pot sous vide tool, though, costs less than $100 and gets great reviews. Apparently, it’ll help you make one heck of a steak, among other things.


Egg Steamer Rack

The first food item I learned to make in the Instant Pot was hard-boiled eggs. They remain one of my favorite items to make now, and this double rack makes it super easy to make a huge batch at once.


Cheesecake Pan

Someone this obsessed with cheesecake would, of course, feature a cheesecake pan in the list of Instant Pot gift ideas! This is a great pan to use in the Instant Pot, but you can also use it in the oven.


Sealing Ring

The sealing ring is a key component in the Instant Pot. If it gets gross or just gets loose, you’re going to want to replace it immediately. It’s a key component to ensuring that the Instant Pot works correctly.


Ceramic Cooking Pot

The ceramic pot really belongs up with the glass lid. There’s plenty you can do with the ceramic bowl, but the most obvious usage choice is to pair it with the tempered glass lid and complete the slow cooker ensemble.


Silicone Egg Pods

How do you like your eggs? These silicone pods will ensure that your eggs are cooked perfectly every time!


Instant Pot Glass Lid Holder Attachment

Every single time I take the lid off of my slow cooker or Instant Pot, I wonder what I’m supposed to do with it to ensure I don’t make too big of a mess or drip hot wtaer all over myself. I usually fail, but this holder will make it as easy as possible to hold onto the Instant Pot lid.


Bowl and Pot Gripper

As we say at my house, safety first! (I have a two-year-old, so this a necessary reminder.) These grippers will help you pull items out of the Instant Pot without having to touch anything super hot.


More Instant Pot Gift ideas from Etsy:

Instant Pot Gifts from Etsy

Instant Pot DecalJaybee Rose Designs // Instant Pot Planner StickersSticker Plan It // Embroidered Instant Pot Tea TowelFashioned4You2 //  Monogrammed Instant Pot CoverZima Creations


Are there any Instant Pot gift ideas that you really love or that we haven’t included here? Which of these Instant Pot accessories can you not live without or do you think would be a game changer?

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