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Clothing Rental Sites Are Awesome For New Moms

Clothing Rental Sites are Awesome for New Moms

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Lisa-Gwynnie-Bee-Dresses Wearing the Taylor Dresses Scuba Fit & Flare Dress in Azalea that I borrowed from Gwynnie Bee

We are long-time fans of subscription boxes around here (obviously), but only recently have I come to realize the true value in the subscription sites that focus on clothing rental. Obviously adding new items to your wardrobe on a regular basis is pretty awesome regardless, but clothing rental sites for postpartum women? Priceless!

I thought I was doing well after the birth of my son. According to the scales I had quickly lost all of my baby weight and then some. My jeans still didn’t fit, however, so I decided to try on a few pairs on a recent trip to Nordstrom. I can honestly say that trip was the most depressing shopping experience of my life.

We don’t have a full-length mirror in our house since ours fell and broke about a year ago and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it, so I failed to realize just how much my body had changed during and after my pregnancy. Namely, and this may be bordering on TMI, the lovely “shelf” that develops after c-sections. The c-section shelf forms when the doctors pull the abdominal skin taut to staple the skin back together. The flab above the incision can look even more pronounced after the surgery, hence the term “shelf.” I didn’t realize that I had developed this shelf until I was in the dressing room at Nordstrom and it was a pretty eye-opening moment.

I am pretty pro-body regardless of size and have never given myself a hard time for being overweight. The body staring back at me in the dressing room, however, was completely foreign to me. I’ve never cried in a dressing room, but I was almost in tears at that moment. I realized why “mom jeans” exist and was bummed that I suddenly needed them. Instead of wallowing in self-pity for too long, however, I quickly resolved to do a few things:

  • Get the heck out of the dressing room ASAP
  • Come up with a fitness plan ASAP
  • Register for an account with Gwynnie Bee, a plus size clothing rental site

I’ll be talking about my summer fitness plan soon, but today I wanted to touch on how awesome clothing rental sites are for postpartum bodies.

I left Nordstrom with a resolve to try not to purchase anything new until I had worked my body back into its pre-baby shape (at the very least I won’t be purchasing any jeans). What I did do that night is register for a Gwynnie Bee account (again). I had previously subscribed to Gwynnie Bee a few years ago and enjoyed the service but only stuck with it a couple of months. I was primarily looking for office apparel at the time and wasn’t getting as much use out of it as I had hoped. When I re-registered for Gwynnie Bee a couple of weeks ago I started filling my virtual closet with dresses that I’d like to wear this summer. While I work myself back into jeans shape, dresses have become my go-to wardrobe staple for helping to camouflage my post-baby belly.

There are two clothing rental sites for postpartum women that I would recommend to those wishing to have a larger wardrobe without investing in all new clothing:

  • Le Tote offers clothing rental for sizes 2-14 for $49 per month. Each shipment will include 3 clothing items and 2 accessories that can be kept for as long as you want. You can exchange your tote an unlimited number of times each month. Check out Cheryl’s Le Tote review for all of the details.
  • Gwynnie Bee is a plus size clothing rental site, offering clothing in sizes 10-32. The cost varies depending on the number of clothing items you wish to have at any time. The 3 items out at a time plan is their most popular and costs $79 per month, though you can currently get your first month of Gwynnie Bee for free!

Another perk to clothing rental sites for postpartum women? THEY take care of the cleaning! Just send your items back in the mailers that are included (shipping both ways is free) and both Le Tote and Gwynnie Bee will take care of the washing/ dry cleaning on all items. One less item to wash is an awesome perk for new moms!

In addition to Le Tote and Gwynnie Bee, Rent the Runway is a fabulous option for postpartum women looking for fancier dress options. Shaina wrote about her experience using Rent the Runway when she had to attend a fancy wedding a few months after giving birth. Since Rent the Runway will send you the dress you want in two different sizes (this is a free option), you can be assured that you will get a gorgeous dress that fits. Rent the Runway has both traditional and plus sizes.

I’m going to write a more in-depth Gwynnie Bee review soon, but so far I am loving the site. I wore the dress above to a casual outdoor wedding reception and will be wearing another dress to another wedding next weekend. I love that I have been able to expand my wardrobe to include items that both camouflage my trouble spots and make me feel good about myself without having to spend an arm and a leg purchasing everything for new. If you’ve recently had a baby or will be having one soon, I highly recommend looking into a clothing rental site as a way to expand your wardrobe until you are able to fit back into your pre-baby wardrobe!

By the way, if you’re interested in trying out Gwynnie Bee this is a great time to do so! Sign up now and get your first 30 days for free!

What do you think about clothing rental sites for postpartum women? Would you give one a try?

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