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Spotted On Etsy: A & K Accents

Spotted on Etsy: A & K Accents

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I’ve been on the hunt for a unique gift for my mother in law for some time now. I wanted something different, but useful. Imagine my delight when I discovered A & K Accents!

A & K Accents is run by Amy (A) and Kathy (K), life-long friends who discovered they had a passion for creating fab gifts for everyone. When I look at their shop I can’t help but get excited for spring! Who would have ever thought the words “I need to get out there and garden” would come out of my mouth?!

Speaking of gardening, I love these herb markers! Honestly, I never had given them much thought, but last year my husband planted some herbs and I hadn’t a clue what was what, so I definitely see the necessity in them!

A & K Accents

I’m thinking of picking up a set of these for my mother in law, too, as she’s an avid gardener. At $12 they are not only a truly unique gift, but they also are a great price. I call this a win-win. 🙂

My in-laws live near a town called Frankenmuth, which is home to one of my favorite shops, the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus. Every time we go to Michigan I must go there. I stock up on cheese and eat until my heart’s content. The only problem? Nine times out of ten after I’ve unwrapped the cheese I forget what is what. That makes these cheese markers are a must have in my book!

A & K Accents

The set includes four vintage forks that have the words hard, soft, stinky, and crumbly stamped on them. You’ll also receive a cheese knife that says “cut the cheese.” Ha!

What really caught my eye was the teacup and saucer bird feeders in the shop.

Teacup Bird Feeder from A & K Accents

How cute!

Description: “You can choose between a matched set or for a little more whimsy let us mismatch the cup and saucer. These are the perfect gift!  Each listing will come with a teacup with attached saucer (patterns will vary with each order), a bent hand stamped spoon to use as a hook, matching ribbon to hang from the tree and a small baggie of birdseed. Everything you need to feed the birds.”

We have a bird feeder in our front yard and my husband and I get great pleasure at watching our cats just stare for hours. I think we need to add another one to our collection because this one is adorable and truly unique!

I’m 100% smitten with A and K Accents! Amy and Kathy were kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. What was the first item you ever created for the shop?

The first item we created and listed in our shop were the chalkboard wine charms. They are still one of our best sellers.

2. How did you come up with the tea cup bird feeder idea?

When we would go to resale and estate shops we would always see beautiful tea cups. We decided we wanted to make them into something unique for our shop. Amy had already bent the spoons to use for our napkin rings, and she came up with the idea for the hand stamped spoons as a hook. We decided using the tea cup as a bird feeder with the HERE BIRDIE stamped on the spoon would be a fun addition to anyone’s garden. We continue to add different sayings on the spoons.

3. What is each of your favorite item(s) in the shop?

We both would have to say the tea cup bird feeders are our favorites right now. Amy, having to say the hand stamped herb markers are a close second. Kathy, really liking the hand cut wine bottles as a runner-up.

4. Do you garden? If so, what is your favorite thing to plant?

Neither of us have much of a green thumb…But, we do enjoy planting annuals every year. Living through this past Chicago winter, really makes us ready to be able to get outside and enjoy the spring.

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