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Upscale but Budget-Friendly, Consider Kinzie Hotel on Your Next Visit to Chicago

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If you’re planning a visit to Chicago, you’ll love the Kinzie Hotel, which is a boutique hotel offering the same amenities as the large hotels but at a fraction of the price.

The Kinzie Hotel in Chicago

Though we moved out to the suburbs earlier this year, it’s important to us that our children know and appreciate the city. Chicago offers so many different opportunities – from world-class museums and theatres to great sports teams and some of the best food in the country – that we want to make sure our children experience. Our kids are still young so we are just now building our family traditions, but one thing I’d like to do each year is spend a couple of days in Chicago around the holidays.

There’s nothing like Christmas in Chicago! Michigan Avenue is all lit up, the Christkindlmarket is in full swing, and the holiday window display at Macy’s on State Street is a sight to behold. In the future, if we’re lucky, I’d love to set up an annual meal at Macy’s Walnut Room, but that’s a tough nut to crack (hardy har har) because everyone wants to eat by the giant Christmas tree!

This year, my parents are in town and were able to watch our daughter, so my husband and I took our son out for a night in Chicago and a stay at Kinzie Hotel. We didn’t get out and do much this year after we checked in, but thanks to the amazing views at Kinzie Hotel, phenomenal room service, and Holiday North Pole Express Package, we didn’t need to go anywhere!

The Holiday North Pole Express Package is a wonderful treat for anyone visiting Chicago around the holidays! When you book this package, you’ll receive two ornaments, Millennium Park ice skate rentals, and a visit from our North Pole Sweets Express. Because my son is just two, we skipped the ice skate rentals but we definitely enjoyed everything else!

View from Kinzie Hotel

I’d never stayed at Kinzie Hotel before, but check out the view from the bed! If you love a good city view (and who doesn’t?!), you won’t be able to look away from the windows.

Kinzie Hotel offers an amazing view

We brought a few toys for our son but didn’t need them. All he wanted to do was look out the window and watch the world go by! Seriously, this is a million-dollar view!

Kinzie Hotel Lounge

I wanted a snack after we got to the hotel, and while I was just expecting to grab something from the minibar, I was beyond thrilled to learn that every night they offer snacks and drinks in the lounge. The adult beverages aren’t free, but the snacks are – they even bring out dessert! There was enough food (my image only has a portion of what was available) that you could easily make a meal of it if you wanted. The lounge itself was a great gathering place!

Kinzie Hotel holiday cart

After grabbing a drink and a snack, I headed back to our room for the main attraction of our stay: the holiday bar cart!

If you book the Kinzie Hotel Holiday North Pole Express Package, you’ll not only receive two tickets for ice skating at Millennium Park, but they’ll also bring a bar cart to your room that’s filled with holiday goodies! The cart has hot cider and hot cocoa, as well as a few adult mixers for those who choose to indulge. There are also cookies, mints, and candy canes, and they drop off ornaments that you can decorate as a family!


Kinzie Hotel Holiday Cart Goodies

I can’t tell you what a nice treat this cart was and how much we appreciated the goodies! My son has never before had a cookie that was the size of his own head, so he was especially excited! Thankfully, he didn’t eat the entire thing in one sitting!

Decorating ornaments at Kinzie Hotel

After our treats, my son and I sat down to decorate our ornaments. Don’t laugh – I’ve never claimed to have any artistic ability. Ha!

Around Christmas, it’s OK to eat cookies before bedtime, but after our cookies, it was time for dinner. We had originally planned on going out to dinner – one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Chicago, Siena Tavern, is across the street – but my husband wasn’t feeling well so we decided to stay in and order room service. (Side note: I NEVER say no to room service. It’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures.)

Room service at Kinzie Hotel

Kinzie Hotel has actually partnered with Public House Chicago, a gastropub, to provide room service food options. I don’t know if they’ve always done this, but I think this partnership is absolutely genius because I can honestly say that Kinzie Hotel offers some of the best room service menus I’ve ever seen. (And, being my guilty pleasure, I almost always order room service when it’s an option.)

I loved that I could text my order in and I certainly took advantage of that option. I ordered deviled eggs with bacon and macaroni and cheese with brisket and caramelized onions. I shouldn’t need to tell you how delicious dinner was! Just look at those photos.

Finally, after dinner, it was time for my son to go to bed.

Bedroom at Kinzie Hotel

He thought he’d get to sleep in the big luxurious bed, but he was wrong.

Instead, we brought his BabyBjörn Travel Crib, which fit perfectly in a little nook next to the big bed. Before you think I’m a cruel mom, he really loves this travel crib and I put a pillow and blanket in there to make it extra cozy for him!

While I didn’t go to bed when my son did, let me just take a moment here to tell you how amazingly comfortable that bed was! I slept so well!

One thing I must point out here, though, is that Kinzie Hotel is in the middle of downtown Chicago. While we couldn’t hear any sounds from the hallway or rooms above or below us, it would be impossible for them to block out all city noise. My recommendation is to install a free white noise machine app on your phone or tablet, which will help create a more peaceful sleeping experience. (We use White Noise Free.)

Desk at Kinzie Hotel

With my son in bed, I stayed up late trying to get some work done while my husband watched TV.

Gourmet snacks at Kinzie Hotel

I was tempted by the gourmet snacks but ultimately didn’t get anything. I still had cookies and mints to munch on from the holiday cart!

Bathroom at Kinzie Hotel

I knew we’d be getting an early start in the morning, though, so I also took a quick shower.

H2O+ at Kinzie Hotel

I basically couldn’t resist when I saw that they had H20+ products! What a treat!

I always stay up late, but the problem with doing so while we were at the Kinzie Hotel is that the bed was so comfy that I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning! Thankfully, my son found something to keep him entertained so I could get a few more minutes of sleep.

We left early so that we could drop my husband off at work, but were able to grab a quick breakfast on our way out.

Breakfast at Kinzie Hotel

The Kinzie Hotel provides a fabulous continental breakfast for their guests on every floor! Whether you want cereal, oatmeal, fruit, or a baked good, breakfast is included!

I’ve had the privilege of staying at some very nice hotels in Chicago and around the world, but I kid you not when I say that my husband and I are in agreement that the Kinzie Hotel is one of our all-time favorites after just one night. Everything about our stay was first-class. We were treated amazingly by the staff, and our son was treated even better. We didn’t bring our pups on this visit, but it’s worth pointing out that Kinzie Hotel is a dog-friendly hotel in Chicago.

Because of the service we received and the amenities that were offered, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Kinzie Hotel is super expensive. But look at these prices:

Prices at Kinzie Hotel

Unless you’re coming when there’s a big event in Chicago, or on New Year’s Eve, staying at Kinzie Hotel is surprisingly budget-friendly. And frankly, even on a pricier night, it’s still less than what you’ll pay for many other hotels in the city!

We loved our stay at Kinzie Hotel and I’m already looking forward to returning next year so we can enjoy the Holiday North Pole Express Package again! If you’re heading to Chicago, I highly recommend that you book a stay at this hotel. It’s within walking distance of Michigan Avenue, Millennium Park, and many of the other Chicago hotspots. It’s the perfect hotel in the perfect location. I think you’ll love staying here!

If you want more verification that you should consider staying at Kinzie Hotel during your next trip to Chicago, check out the Kinzie Hotel reviews on TripAdvisor. Kinzie Hotel is ranked #20 out of nearly 200 hotels, which is crazy impressive.

Disclosure: We were treated to a free night at Kinzie Hotel for the purpose of this review, but that has not clouded my opinion of this gem of a hotel. I can’t wait to pay to stay here again!

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