12 Things You Must Buy Before Your Second Baby is Born

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Before our son was born we were showered with gifts and there was very little that we needed to purchase ourselves. We did very little shopping and most items just appeared. Since most of our friends and family members were buying off a registry that we put together we knew that we would have everything we needed. It was simple. The week before my daughter was born, however, I realized that we hadn’t done ANY shopping for her. Seriously. We didn’t know the sex of the baby and we had acquired so much baby gear that I didn’t really think about what I might need to buy for the second baby. Silly me.

Even if you have a house that’s filled with baby gear, there are still some items that you’ll want to buy before your second baby is born. Seriously, do yourself a favor and peruse the list below to get an idea of the things you’re going to need and/or will want to replace from the first go-round. Seriously, don’t be like me and do a lot of frantic online shopping the week before the baby is born. It was surprisingly stressful!

12 Things to Buy Before Your Second Baby is Born


Baby Giraffe Wubbanub

Some babies are pacifier babies and some aren’t, but I definitely recommend purchasing a pacifier or two before bringing the new baby home just in case. In fact, you might want to pick up a couple of different styles of pacifiers because you just never know what will jive with any child. (How babies can be so little but so opinionated is beyond me!)

Pictured: Baby Giraffe Wubbanub Pacifier Lovey – $13.95 at The Baby Cubby

Monthly Milestone Stickers

Monthly Milestone Stickers

I’d like to think that I have at least a few talents, but one thing I’m not particularly great at is documenting our days. Thus, monthly milestone stickers are an absolute must in our house because they force me to remember to take a semi-formal photo at least once a month. This is something that I recommend you buy before your second baby is born because otherwise you just may not remember to place the order. Of course, I recommend buying them before bringing your first baby home, too, or you could end up like me… my son doesn’t have a first month photo because I forgot to place the order in time. Oops.

Pictured: Floral Monthly Milestone Stickers – $15.99 from Lucy Darling (Etsy)

Nasal Aspirator

Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator

It doesn’t matter how well you clean the product between uses, all babies deserve to have their own nasal aspirators! The NoseFrida is one of the best products out there for helping clear out stuffed nasal passages and should be on every baby registry. I’m not going to lie, though. While the NoseFrida is a wonder product, it grosses me out. I basically have to use it without thinking about the fact that I am literally sucking snot out of my child’s nose.

Pictured: NoseFrida – $16 at The Baby Cubby

Bottle Nipples

Dr. Brown's Level 1 Bottle Nipples

We bottle fed our son, and now we are bottle feeding our daughter. While we held onto all of our bottles, I insisted on purchasing all new bottle nipples. Nipples get kind of gross after repeated use, so it just seemed more hygienic to invest in new nipples to use with our old bottles.

Pictured: Dr. Brown’s Level 1 Replacement Nipples (set of 6) – $5.61 at Amazon

Fitted Sheets

Little Unicorn Berry and Bloom Fitted Sheet

You may or may not want to get new sheets for your new baby’s crib. This was actually high up on my list since we only had boyish sheets for my son and I wanted something a little prettier for my daughter’s room. Sheets are definitely something you will want to buy before your second baby is born if your plan is for the baby to sleep in his/her crib immediately.

Pictured: Little Unicorn Berry & Bloom Fitted Sheet – $27 at The Baby Cubby


BabyLit: The Secret Garden

I cannot tell you how many books we have in our house. I’m not big on purchasing toys, but I will buy ALL the books. I know the kids don’t really understand the concept of ownership, but my son has received so many books that I wanted to start building a separate collection for my daughter. Granted, they’ll all end up in one big community pile of books (in the middle of the living room, play room, and dining room), but it is still important to me that both kids have – and hopefully love – books.

Pictured: BabyLit Primer The Secret Garden – $9.99 at The Baby Cubby

Going Home Outfit

Charming Hello Onesie

I had special name onesies made for both of my children. I loved taking their first photos in them, and I think they’ll make great keepsake items that I hope they’ll enjoy having one day. Most importantly, though, they made for great “going home” outfits. I am all about sharing clothing and hand-me-downs, but I wanted to make sure I had something special for each kid to wear on their first trip home.

Pictured: Charming Hello Onesie – $29.95 at Petite Lemon

Baby Carrier

Tula Baby Carrier

A friend warned me that second babies spend a lot of time in the baby carrier and boy was she right! My son was rarely in the carrier but my daughter lives in it! I purchased a Tula Baby Carrier (and a Tula infant insert) this time around and I really like it. I was using an Ergo before, but find the Tula to be so much more comfortable. Of course, it all depends on the person. It didn’t work for me, but some people swear by Ergo carriers. Some people are obsessed with slings from Sakura Bloom, but I never felt comfortable with slings. Luckily, there are so many different types of baby carriers that you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Tip: Before committing to one specific carrier, check to see if there’s a chapter of Babywearing International near you. They frequently have meetups where they will bring a bunch of different carriers that you can try-out and even borrow for the month. (There is a nominal yearly fee to join a chapter.)

Pictured: Tula Zoology Carrier – $149 at Amazon



Teething toys might be something you can wait a bit to purchase, but my son grew his first tooth when he was pretty young so I wanted to make sure I had a teether from day one.

Pictured: Chewbeads Mulberry Teether – $16 at The Baby Cubby

Double Stroller

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

When I had my son, I just wanted to sit around staring at him all day. We rarely left the house and I was fine with that. As soon as I brought my daughter home, though, I couldn’t wait for us all to get out and about. It took us a few weeks to purchase a double stroller and I felt like I was losing my mind during our stroller-less weeks. I highly recommend making sure you have a stroller in place before bringing home your second baby!

Pictured: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller – $399 at Buy Buy Baby (this is the stroller we purchased)

Baby Book

Baby's First Year Book

If you’re going to get a baby book for your child, I highly recommend buying it before the birth of your second baby. Baby books tend to start on day one, although some even have pregnancy pages included, so you will want to get the book and start adding to it immediately, instead of trying to remember things months later. (I may or may not know this from experience.)

Pictured: Baby’s First Year – $34.99 at The Land of Nod

Something Special

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Since almost all of the gear we have for my daughter is a hand-me-down from my son, and most of her clothing has been handed down from generous friends, I wanted to be sure to buy something special that would be all her own and that I’d hold on to throughout the years.

Now, it may sound silly to say that the item I chose for her was a pair of shoes, but so be it. I LOVE shoes and I hope that she develops a similar fascination since she stands to inherit my own shoe collection one day. I thought I’d try to kick off her shoe habit by getting her a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins. These buttery soft mocs are amazing and I don’t know why I never got a pair for my son! I know it takes awhile and may not happen until she’s walking, but I can’t wait until her little foot becomes outlined in the leather. I know I’ll treasure these forever!

Pictured: Freshly Picked Melon Sorbet Moccasins – $60 at The Baby Cubby


Do Tell: What other items do you think you should buy before your second baby is born?


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with The Baby Cubby, an amazing baby store where you will be able to pick up anything and everything you’ll need for your new little one. You can visit The Baby Cubby in Lindon, Utah, or shop their online store for the best gear for whichever number of baby you’re having.

12 things you must buy before your second baby is born... don't bring that baby home without checking this list!

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