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I’ve been a fan of “off-price retailers” since long before I ever even knew that was a term. I shopped at TJ Maxx all the time when I was growing up and to me it was just the store with the exceptionally awesome deals. When I got to college I discovered their sister store Marshall’s and we have been having a love affair for years. Over the past few years the off-price retail market has really boomed, and earlier this year The Economist reported that discount stores are trouncing traditional department stores.

While it seems like a no-brainer that off-price stores would do well because of their low prices, the article adds a few more reasons why the stores are flourishing:

“Fast-moving trends, stingy consumers and even global warming are making it harder for shops to predict which clothes will sell at what price. As forecasts become less accurate, there are more clothes available for TJX and Ross to buy at a discount. On top of this, they do not share traditional retail’s biggest headaches. Consumers’ obsession with sales does not hurt them, because TJX and Ross offer brand-name clothes at a bargain each day. And online competitors are less threatening: shops have a constantly changing assortment, so consumers like coming to stores to hunt for deals.”

One of the examples of the forecasting that was given was for this past winter. Stores typically start adding winter gear to their stores in September or so but this year was one of the warmest falls and winters in recent memory and people just didn’t need to buy those items. As a result, stores were stuck with all of the winter coats they had to pre-buy and that they would sell in a normal year.

I love discount stores, but these days I do most of my shopping online, so I decided to round up all of the online off-price retailers you can shop from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy the deals and the quickly rotating stock that these types of stores offer… but skip the lines and the disorganization!

Online Off-Price Retailers


Online Off-Price Retailers: 6pm.com

Some people love Zappos, but I personally prefer their sister site, 6pm.com. Since 6pm is Zappos’ outlet store, you will find many of the exact same products that are available at Zappos but you’ll pay much less! I have found such amazing deals at this site over the years that I cannot recommend it more highly. From designer shoes for less to clothing to bags… I’ve purchased a little bit of everything. If you’re in Kentucky or heading there anytime soon, be sure to check out the 6pm.com Outlet Store, which is located right outside of Louisville.

What You’ll Find: Clothing and shoes for women (including plus size options), men, and children + handbags and accessories


Online Discount Stores: Bluefly

If high-end designer fashions for less are what you seek, Bluefly should be one of your first shopping destinations. You’ll find brands like Valentino, Prada, and Christian Louboutin on the site, along with Furla, Burberry, and Gucci. I wouldn’t recommend this site if you’re on a budget, although I occasionally spot some great deals in their clearance section.

What You’ll Find: Clothing and shoes for women (including plus size options), men, and children + handbags, accessories, jewelry, beauty, and home goods

Burlington Coat Factory

Online Off-Price Stores: Burlington Coat Factory

I never looked at the Burlington Coat Factory online store before today, but it is seriously impressive. It looks like it’s one of the most well stocked of the online off-price retailers, with tons of items in every categories. There definitely aren’t as many well-known brands on this site, but if you don’t care about that then you should get to the site ASAP. The prices are just about rock bottom!

What You’ll Find: Clothing and shoes for women (including plus size options), men, and children + handbags and accessories, a full baby section called “baby depot,” toys and, of course, coats


Online Off-Price Stores: DSW

For some reason I never realized DSW is an off-price retailer, although they’re the best place to purchase shoes for less so I’m not sure why I didn’t put two and two together. The selection online is just as large – if not larger – than what you’ll find in-store.

What You’ll Find: Shoes, shoes, more shoes, and a few handbags

Last Call

Off-price stores you can shop online: Last Call

I don’t shop at Neiman Marcus because they sell are way out of my usual price range, but Last Call, which is Neiman Marcus’ outlet? I LOVE this store! If you’re looking for quality items at mid-level price points, Last Call is your store. I’m particularly fond of their shoe section because I’ve found some amazing brands at ridiculously low prices. Last Call frequently has sales and coupons, so even though the prices are pretty good to start off with, you can almost always save a little extra.

What You’ll Find: Clothing and shoes for women (including plus size options) and men, + handbags and accessories and gifts

Nordstrom Rack

Online Off-Price Retailers: Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is interesting because it’s a hybrid site with HauteLook, a flash sale site, so some items are on there permanently and some deals are only available for a limited time. Regardless, you’ll find many of the same brands (and products) from Nordstrom selling here at their online off-price store for a fraction of what you’d spend at Nordstrom.  The only downside to Nordstrom Rack is that their products turn over VERY quickly. On the plus side, you can check back daily and you’re sure to find new items!

What You’ll Find: Clothing and shoes for women (including plus size options), men, and children + handbags and accessories, home, and gifts


Overstock is a huge online off-price retailer

Long before I really knew what to “do” on the internet I spent a lot of time browsing Overstock. I didn’t yet know that blogs existed and I wasn’t playing online games, so I spent most of my time browsing one of the largest online stores and wishing I had more money so I could take advantage of the great discounts. Overstock is still a huge online off-price retailer, and their prices can change daily so you’ll want to buy something quick if it interests you.

What You’ll Find: Everything!

Saks Off 5th

Saks Off Fifth

Saks is another department store that I can’t afford, but their off-price store, Saks Off Fifth is always surprisingly budget-friendly. They also have frequent sales and coupons, which make the prices that much better.

What You’ll Find: Clothing and shoes for women (including plus size options), men and children + handbags, jewelry, and home goods

Stein Mart

Online Off-Price Stores: Stein Mart

At Stein Mart you will find designer goods priced up to 60 percent below what you would pay at a department store, and they frequently offer additional sales and coupons! The selection of items available on their website changes on a daily basis.

What You’ll Find: Clothing and shoes for women (including plus size options) and men + handbags and jewelry, home goods, and gifts

TJ Maxx

Online off-price retailers: TJ Maxx

I don’t think TJ Maxx really needs an introduction, do they? This is one of the largest – and most prosperous – retail chains around theses days. I love being able to shop TJ Maxx online and was thrilled that they have “the runway” – where you’ll find discounted designer items – on their website. Also awesome? All orders placed online can be returned to your local store.

What You’ll Find: Clothing and shoes for women (including plus size options) and men + handbags and jewelry, home goods, gifts, and “the runway


This is the big list of online off-price retailers, but of course, there are lots of brands that now have online outlet stores featuring their own brands. One of the most well-known of these is J.Crew Factory.

Would you shop these online off-price retailers, or do you prefer the thrill of the hunt and to shop these types of stores in-person?

Here are the best online off-price retailers that you can now shop from your couch. Why GO to TJ Maxx when you can bring TJ Maxx to you?!

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