6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type | ShopGirlDaily.com

First comes the ring, then come the beautiful wedding invitations. After that, it’s time to find that one special thing that the bride-to-be has likely been dreaming about for a very long time: the white dress. It’s often a very exciting time for brides, who get to spend time trying on different styles and finding out what kind of dress they want to wear on their special day.

Even though there are a wide variety of dresses available in all kinds of colors, fabrics, and designs, it’s important that brides are aware of the different styles of wedding dresses available as well. Depending on the shape of a bride’s body, there might be certain styles that best complement her figure, and in which she will feel the most comfortable and beautiful.

If you are looking for a wedding dress, consider these 6 tips for finding the perfect wedding dress for your body type:

1. A-Lines Are Perfect for Pears

A-line wedding dresses are great for pear-shaped women

Pear-shaped figures are generally smaller on top and larger in the hips and legs. This beautiful, curvy figure looks good in lots of wedding gown styles, but especially in the A-line dress. The idea behind the A-line dress is that it is more fitted on the top section, and hugs the midsection to accentuate the waist.

From there, the dress flows out and down naturally, gracefully floating along the floor. This style is ideally made in a thicker fabric such as satin so that it doesn’t cling too closely to the body.

2. Busty Figures Look Great with a Sweetheart Neckline

Wedding dresses with sweetheart necklines are great for busty figures | ShopGirlDaily.com

If you’re unsure about what neckline you want to go with for your wedding gown, then it’s ideal to choose something like a sweetheart style. The sweetheart neckline sits low at the front, and it is shaped like the top portion of a heart. In general, the sweetheart neckline looks great on both busty and smaller figures, since it adds an extra layer of dimension and is a simple way to add shape to the body.

For bustier figures, the sweetheart neckline is especially ideal. This is because the dip in the sweetheart breaks up the chest and stops it from looking too wide or shelf-like.

3. Simple Is Better with More Height

simple wedding dresses help show off a tall silhouette

Brides who are a bit taller might want to consider keeping their dress style more simple. This is because keeping a simple silhouette is a great way to show off that beautiful height and to keep the dress from looking too busy.

Consider deep V-necks, longer sleeves that go past the wrist, and finer fabrics such as silk. Embellishments should also be kept to a minimum to keep things classy and avoid too much detail.

4. Petite Brides Should Consider a Higher Waist

choosing the right wedding dress for your shape

For brides who are working with a petite frame, it’s a great idea to work with dress styles that will make your frame appear more elongated. This means looking for dresses that have higher waists, which will make your top section appear smaller and your legs appear longer.

In terms of details and add-ons, simple is also better for smaller brides. Having details that are too large, such as bows and ribbons, can engulf the bride and take over her smaller frame. Consider smaller details and softer patterns; however, petite brides can get away with most materials so long as the shape is higher at the waist. While the ball gown style is often a bride favorite, be careful not to choose a ball gown that overwhelms your size. Consider less tulle if you’re set on a big ball gown.

5. Small-Chested Figures Look Great with a Ruched Bodice

ruched wedding dresses are a beautiful option

For brides who are slightly smaller on their top section, it can sometimes be a good idea to choose a dress with more fabric and filling in this area. This can help to balance out the body and create the illusion that there are more curves.

A bodice that is ruched on top is a great choice, as well as an embellished halter top or sweetheart neckline. Be wary that wearing something strapless will require undergarments that won’t show; a self-adhesive bra might do the trick if your heart is set on something lower or strapless.

6. Curves Are Meant to Be Shown Off

Ideal wedding dress shapes

No bride should feel like she should be hiding her curves on her special day; she should embrace them! Curvy brides should go for dresses that highlight these great features with something that is more fitted and flared. Consider a style such as the mermaid design, which is tighter on the top portion and which flares out at the bottom.

A style like this should be embraced with moderation, however; try not to overindulge in big, poufy materials that will drown you out or erase your curves altogether. A fitted dress that is comfortable and which accentuates where your curves are is all you need to show off a great feminine figure.


If you’re finally gearing up for your big day, then dress shopping will definitely be an exciting thing on the to-do list. Don’t work yourself up too much; if you don’t find a dress on the first go, then you’re sure to be getting closer to it with each one you try on.

Prepare ahead of time for your dress shopping by getting to know what kind of body shape you have and recognizing the types of dresses that will accentuate your features best. Having an idea of what you’re looking for will help your assistant to zero in on the perfect dress, which will help save you time and stress! Use these 6 tips to find the perfect wedding dress for your body type and dance the night away!

Do Tell: What other tips do you have for finding the perfect wedding dress for your body type? Did you follow these style tips?


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