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The 6pm Outlet: A Shoe Lover’s Dream Store

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A Shoe Lover's Dream Store: The 6pm Outlet Store in Shepherdsville Kentucky

Last week I had the opportunity to escape the drudgery of Chicago for a few days and embarked on a girl’s getaway to Nashville. I LOVE Nashville and always look forward to my next visit to the country music capital of the world and this visit didn’t disappoint. Though I won’t be recapping our whole trip, I shared quite a few images on Instagram if you’re interested (warning: don’t look at the photos if you’re hungry… we ate REALLY well!).

The trip was booked kind of last minute, and as I was looking at the map I realized we wouldn’t be too far from Shepherdsville, KY, which is a major shipping hub to companies like Amazon and Zappos. It is also, I learned a few years ago, home to the Outlet Store! is the outlet store, so I’ve heard it referred to as both the 6pm outlet and the Zappos outlet, and technically both are correct. The sign on the door, however, calls it the 6pm Outlet.

As you can imagine, I’ve been itching to go to the Outlet ever since I learned about its existence, but it’s not that often that I find myself near Kentucky so there was no way we were getting so close this time around without stopping!

Let me just get this out of the way: The outlet did not disappoint. In fact, it far exceeded my expectations! The day before we went I checked out the reviews on Yelp and was surprised to see they weren’t more positive. I saw a lot of comments about the shoes being dirty, the store being disorganized, too many people, and the selection not being great. This was not my experience AT ALL. First of all, we got there at 2 p.m. on a Friday so we basically had the store to ourselves. (Weekends are supposedly a mad house.) Almost all of the shoes I looked at were brand new and clean. The racks were organized by size and while I saw some 8’s slipped in with the 8.5’s, I really didn’t sense that things were too disorganized. (However, if you were going there searching for a specific pair of shoes I am guessing it would be fairly frustrating!) Finally, the selection was AMAZING. Seriously, AMAZING. I wear either an 8 or 8.5 depending on the style and I could have spent hours browsing what was possibly 10 super long aisles of shoes in those two sizes. Brands I saw included Cole Haan, UGG, Hunter, Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade and many many more! There were high-end designer brands mixed in with “regular” brands. The Outlet should now be #1 on my list of where to buy designer shoes for less.

The only downside I saw is that if you were shopping for men or children the selection wasn’t particularly good. This wasn’t an issue for me, but if you have dreams of outfitting an entire family in cheap footwear it could be tough.

Extra Discounts at the Outlet

What makes the outlet awesome is that ALL styles are AT LEAST 50% off the marked price, but many styles are even cheaper than that! If you find tags marked with a brown line you’ll actually get an extra 60% off, while a gray tag will save you 70%! And that’s not counting the clearance section, which is where I went a little crazy. If you find a handwritten price tag you will still get 50% off the lowest price! $79 gold pumps for just $10? Amazing!

The outlet in Shepherdsville Kentucky

The shoes you’ll find at the outlet are all in style now! Obviously you may find shoes from other seasons, but the majority of the styles I spotted are all currently available in-stores.

Boots at the Outlet

The boot selection at the Outlet is incredible. I could have stocked up for years. (And I almost did.) I spotted brand new UGGs for less than $80, which were beyond tempting. (I’m guessing they have a problem with people buying UGGs though and probably listing them for sale on eBay because I saw a sign that said only 3 pairs of UGGs may be purchased by any person on any given day.) The Frye Pippa Chelsea Boots (above left) are still available on the website for $278, but at the outlet you can get them for just $139!

There was a huge selection of Hunter Boots available! Hunter Original Boots typically cost $140 per pair, but the aubergine boots (above right) were 60% off and cost just $56! These were brand new boots with no wear on them, and multiple colors were available.

Kate Spade at Outlet

I love Kate Spade and was excited to see Kate Spade shoes for less all over the store! They were on the “regular” racks, but there was also a special Kate Spade section that was filled with so many wedding styles that are currently in stores and were included in last week’s Kate Spade Surprise Wedding Sale! The Kate Spade Gold Starlight style (above right) currently sells everywhere for $298, but they’re 50% off at the outlet, which drops the price to just $149!

Running shoes at the outlet

While I didn’t spend any time in this section, the outlet also boasted a huge selection of brand new running and athletic shoes that were marked down way below retail! Outlet

In addition to shoes, shoes, and more shoes, the 6pm Outlet also has a large selection of clothing as well as a few home goods! On the day we were there you could take 70% off all clothing, which made the price of the Patagonia Prow Jacket drop from $229 to $68.70. I’m not sure that anyone needs just one set of fine china, but if the Kate Spade Larabee Road matches your setting you could have picked up this set for just $44.48. It was missing a piece, but if you were just looking for backup pieces this would be a great price as the full set typically costs $138.

Lisa's purchases from the Outlet

Finally, you know I didn’t leave there without getting a couple of items! I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to purchase anything until I found the clearance section. At first it seemed too good to be true that the additional 50% discount would apply to clearance items but once I verified this was actually the case I was getting close to going a little crazy. I got the navy Superga sneakers above for just $10! These are normally a $65 pair of shoes. (Sorry about the photo – they’re really not dirty in person and there’s no wear on the sole.)

While I didn’t go into the store looking for black pumps, I couldn’t resist the Rockport 7 to Seven Low Pumps when I spotted them in the clearance section! These shoes still sell for $140 on the website, but I found an 8W on clearance (what are the odds?!) and paid just $15 for them! (By the way, these shoes have Adidas technology built into the soles and they are so ridiculously comfortable!)

If you couldn’t tell, I was absolutely smitten with the 6pm Outlet and will definitely be stopping there again whenever I next find myself in the area. I only wish I’d had more time to shop for good deals, though my wallet is probably thankful that I didn’t!

If you’re in Nashville the outlet is about a two hour drive north. If you’re in Louisville the drive is only about 20 miles. If you do plan on visiting there were signs up all over the store that you can check out their Facebook page for special deals and coupons.

The Outlet is located at 376 Blvd, Shepherdsville, KY 40165


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