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8 Tried & True Ways to Find Designer Shoes for Less

There’s no way around this: I am a shoe collector. I love and covet any and all shoes, but designer shoes are my kryptonite. Since I don’t yet have a money tree, I’ve instead come up with an assortment of tips that make it possible to buy designer shoes for less. All of my shoe-buying secrets are below.

8 Tips for Buying Designer Shoes for Less |

I’m a bit of a shoe nut. (Or a lot of a shoe nut.) There is nothing else in the fashion world that holds my fascination so much as a good pair of shoes, and some (my husband) might say my own shoe collection is a bit much. The thing is though, shoes never really go out of style and even if they do the style will eventually come back into fashion. I’ve been wearing a size 8.5 since I hit the 7th grade, so I’ve actually had some of the shoes in my closet since I was in high school.

While I favor designer/high-end footwear because of the quality, there’s no reason one needs to pay full price for such shoes. With few exceptions, I rarely do. If you want to start building your own designer shoe collection, here are a few ways you can find designer shoes for less:

How to Buy Designer Shoes for Less

Shop Store Closing Sales

Admittedly it’s not that often that stores close, but you better believe that when they do I head right to the shoe section! Back when I first started this site I was a little obsessive about checking the Plaza Too website, a New York City shoe store that always had amazing sales. When they went out of business I stocked up on Frye pumps that cost $48 and Cole Haan wedges that cost $45!

I also stopped by Filene’s Basement when they shuttered their doors and scored some amazing deals, and would have stopped by Loehmann’s if there was one closer to my house. Bottom line: If you see a store that sells shoes going out of business, scour the shoe section for deals!

Buy Last Season’s Shoes

New shoes come out constantly and while I admit to always wanting something new, there’s hardly a difference between the shoes that were out last summer and what will come out this summer. Stores hold sales at the end of every season to clear out their stock, and these can be an excellent way to get designer shoes for less!

In particular, I tend to check out Macy’s because their prices are right and they always have additional coupons (I once walked out of there with six pairs…) and the Nordstrom Shoe Clearance (the most recent of which just ended). Another great place to look is the 70% off section of the Shopbop Sale.

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