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6 Bottle-Fed Baby Travel Necessities

6 Bottle-Fed Baby Travel Necessities

Bottle-fed baby travel necessities |

I know that bottle-fed isn’t necessarily synonymous with formula fed, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite bottle-fed baby travel necessities, which should mostly work regardless of what your baby might be eating. These are all items that I personally use to feed my baby when we are traveling both near and far, because certain products are better than others depending on the length of the trip.

If you’re going to be hitting the road with a baby anytime soon, be sure to check out these bottle-fed baby travel necessities that will help make feeding on the road a cinch!


1. Similac On-the-Go Powder Singles – If your baby is formula-fed, both Similac and Enfamil have released on-the-go powder singles, which are awesome! Each single-serve portion is enough for a 4 oz. bottle and there are 12 individual packets per box. We love traveling with these pouches and I always keep a spare in my diaper bag just in case. They’re a lot more convenient than formula dispensers.


2. Bottle Bag – If you are making bottles at home to take with you – perhaps for a road trip or for a day trip to the zoo – then a bottle bag is a must-have! Look for a bag that comes with gel packs that you can freeze ahead of time, otherwise, you may also want to invest in some gel packs that will help keep the bottles cool.

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The Best Brands New Moms Need To Know

The Best Brands New Moms Need to Know

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

The Best Brands New Moms Need to Know

Before I had my son, I did all of the reading that moms-to-be tend to do and obsessed over the products we just HAD to have and read lists upon lists of the best baby brands. Ultimately, over the past couple of years, I have found that there are a couple of brands I have returned to time and again, and will continue to do so as our second child is born next month.

The Best Brands New Moms Need to Know


Fisher Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n PlayTM Sleeper with SmartConnectTM

Fisher Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n PlayTM Sleeper with SmartConnectTM

When we first had our son we were unsure about what to do for sleep. We didn’t yet have a crib for him. My friend had lent me a Moses Basket that I thought we’d use for a few weeks, but that first night home we discovered that my son, at just four days old, preferred to sleep on his side, and keeping him in a cloth-covered basket seemed dangerous. Out of options, we co-slept that first night and then I promptly sent my husband out to purchase a Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play. More than any other baby product, I recommend that all parents-to-be at least consider the Rock ‘n Play because I think it made my son into a champion sleeper from the very beginning. Between the slight incline, the rocking, and the general coziness, he was sleeping through the night by the time he was three-months-old, which meant that mom and dad were also sleeping through the night by the time he was three-months-old. Also awesome? We travel fairly regularly and the Rock ‘n Play is so lightweight and portable that we were able to take it with us wherever we went.

Our first Rock ‘n Play had the ability to rock for up to eight hours at a time and also played lullabies, but technology has already progressed and the Fisher Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with SmartConnect lets you control the device from your smartphone or tablet! You can turn on calming vibrations, set the rocking speed, play music, or even turn on a projector… without ever disturbing the baby!

I rave about this product constantly and highly recommend adding one to your baby registry!

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Pink Blush Is The Best Online Maternity Store (They Carry Plus Sizes, Too!)

Pink Blush is the Best Online Maternity Store (They Carry Plus Sizes, Too!)

Plus Size maternity Dress from Pink Blush

If you’ve been pregnant before, then there’s a good chance you know that maternity apparel can be a real drag. I mean, so much of it is so dowdy that it’s just not all that much fun to get dressed. On the other hand, I think pregnancy gives you a pass to only purchase a few true maternity items that you rotate constantly through your wardrobe. A couple of pairs of pants, a couple of tops, and a dress or two can get you pretty far and that’s certainly what I did with my first pregnancy. I kept my maternity wardrobe to the bare minimum. That all changed with this pregnancy, however, when I discovered Pink Blush.

Believe it or not, despite this being a shopping blog and all, I manage to keep my personal shopping down to a minimum for the most part. It helps that I work from home and live in yoga pants, so I really don’t do too much shopping for new clothing unless I have an event or a vacation on the horizon. But with this pregnancy, I have been unable to stop myself from doing a little bit too much impulse shopping at Pink Blush. Their styles are just that cute and the plus size maternity and traditional size maternity options are incredibly plentiful!

Black Floral Sash Tie Plus Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress

Pink Blush was kind enough to send me the Black Floral Sash Tie Maternity Maxi Dress ($65), and I have to tell you that I am absolutely in love with this dress. I don’t wear many floral prints and I don’t wear many maxi dresses, but everything just came together perfectly with this dress. The black floral print looks classic and isn’t too over-the-top florally, I don’t think.

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Tinybeans Review: Privately Share Photos Of Your Little One With Friends And Family

Tinybeans Review: Privately Share Photos of Your Little One with Friends and Family

Tinybeans is the best photo sharing app for new parents |

Despite the fact that I make my living posting on the internet, I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to online privacy and I try to keep my private life off the internet as much as possible. I rarely update the main social media sites when it comes to my own life, and that goes double when it comes to my kid. Long before my son was born I made the decision to post about him as little as possible because I feel that he deserves the privacy to grow without every move he makes being posted online.

The problem with that decision is that all of our family members live in other states and they were concerned that without regular Facebook updates that they would never get to see our son grow up. As much as I don’t want to post his photo online with any sort of regularity, I am also terrible at printing out photos or making photo books!

I spent some time researching photo sharing apps and found Tinybeans, which is a private and free photo and video sharing app for iPhone and Android that allows you to share photos and videos with friends and family members. One of my main requirements when searching for a group photo sharing app was that it obviously needed to have an app, but it also needed to offer website and email access for those who are less tech-savvy. At the time I was looking, I also wanted a free app that was packed with features. I have extreme issues with follow-through, so I didn’t want to pay upfront for tools I’d never actually use. Tinybeans hit all of my requirements – and then some!

Tinybeans hit all of my requirements – and then some!

Use the Tinybeans App to Share Photos with Family

Use Tinybeans to share photos with family.

Tinybeans prompts you to upload photos or videos each day in this handy calendar view. I love the calendar because it makes it so easy to not only keep track of the days and make sure you actually upload a photo each day but also because it’s easy to see and track your baby’s growth! My husband and I both have the Tinybeans apps on our phones and we use this to add photos and videos, but you can also add photos via the website.

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The Ubbi Diaper Pail Is A Baby Registry Must-Have

The Ubbi Diaper Pail is a Baby Registry Must-Have

Registry Must-Have: Ubbi Diaper Pail

Before my son was born I read an interview where Kourtney Kardashian recommended the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail because the powder-coated steel helped cut down on stink. I saw the interview before we created our baby registry, but I ignored her advice because A. I didn’t think she had changed that many diapers so she wasn’t someone I would turn to for advice B. The Ubbi diaper pail is more expensive than some of the others on the market and C. The other diaper pails get just as good of reviews.

However, here I am more than two years later encouraging all of you new moms or moms-to-be to listen to Kourtney and invest in the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. She knows of what she speaks!

My son is 19-months-old and over the past year and a half we have gone through three different diaper pails. First, we had a Playtex diaper genie that we had to throw away because the stink was getting so bad AND because the pail we had was discontinued so we could no longer buy the correct bags. Then we had the Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail that we tossed after about a month because the stench was horrifying. We most recently invested in the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail and it has been a game-changer!

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New Mom Style: Stylish Breastfeeding Dresses From Harper & Bay

New Mom Style: Stylish Breastfeeding Dresses from Harper & Bay

Stylish Breastfeeding Dresses: Crop Top Pencil Skirt Nursing Dress from Harper & Bay

Crop Top Pencil Skirt Nursing Dress • $138 • Harper & Bay


You know, I honestly never thought I’d type the phrase “stylish breastfeeding dresses” but I finally found some that fit the bill. And, not just some… a new company that’s entirely dedicated to creating stylish breastfeeding dresses for new mom! It can be difficult enough finding semi-stylish everyday clothing that is appropriate for breastfeeding, let alone clothing that looks stylish and – yes – office appropriate! If you find yourself rueing the current dress market, you HAVE to check out Harper & Bay.

Harper & Bay just launched on May 19 and there is such a demand for their dresses that a few styles have already sold out! Don’t worry though – there are still plenty from which to choose and I’m sure they will be restocking soon enough.

The owner of Harper & Bay, Taisja, attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco. After her second child was born she began putting her fashion skills to good use to design a line of stylish breastfeeding dresses… that can obviously also be worn long after your nursing days are over.

So those dresses?

Stylish Breastfeeding Dresses from Harper & Bay

I think this Crop Top Skater Nursing Dress ($138) is my favorite, but y’all know I’m a sucker for anything that’s black and white. To feed your baby all you need to do is lift the crop top and there’s a low-cut tank underneath. The cut of this dress will also help camouflage any leftover baby belly and it also has POCKETS! This style of dress is also available in white, gray, and navy.

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