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The Best Children’s Books About NYC

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It’s important to me to travel with my kids so they know that there’s so much more to the world than our little bubble. It’s not possible to travel every day, of course, so I supplement our travels with books about destinations around the world. Our vacation this year includes a stop in New York City, so I couldn’t help but stock up on children’s books about NYC. Below are some of my favorites.

Children's Books about NYC |

New York City was really my first love.

When I was 14, my parents thought it would be a good idea to put me on an Amtrak train bound for NYC – by myself – so that I could spend a week with my cousin. Crazy, right?

My cousin and I, and her newborn daughter walked every inch of the city that week. It was amazing. I fell in love and I try to go back as often as possible.

This, however, is the first time I’m taking my kids. I’ve been excited for months and have been sharing my enthusiasm with them by purchasing a bunch of children’s books about NYC.

There is something so beautiful about the hustle and bustle of our country’s largest city. The lights, the action, the noises… it’s a magical place. While that magic is best seen in person, there are so many different children’s books about NYC and some of them do quite a good job of capturing the excitement of visiting the Big Apple.

If you’re heading to New York City with your own kids anytime soon, or just want to open their eyes to more of the world, the books below are a great place to start.


10 Children’s Books about NYC

Pop-Up New York

What better way to introduce your children to the beautiful monuments of New York than with this fun and beautiful pop-up book? See the excitement of the city through your child’s eyes when viewing this beauty of a book together.

City Trails – New York

If you’re unable to actually take a trip to New York to see the views, this book is a must for your child to explore. It guides them around the city with beautiful pictures and gives away some fun secrets of the city as well!

New York, Baby!

Looking for a fun and silly rhyming book about two babies taking the tour of New York City? You’re in luck with this wacky adventure! Certain to bring a smile to your little one’s face each and every time that they read it.

Good Night New York City

Talk about the perfect bedtime story to send your little one into the sweet dreamland of New York City. Have fun with your child pretending to be in a taxi cab and driving all over the city taking in all the must-see sights.

We have an entire collection of these books in our house. If your kids love them as much as mine do, be sure to also check out Good Night Central Park, Good Night Brooklyn, and Good Night Broadway.

A Walk in New York

This is such a fun and heart-warming story about a father and son outing around New York City. It’s a great introduction to the city and tells a lovely story about father/son bonding.

This is New York

An oldie but goodie! If you love traveling, all of the books in this traveling series are a MUST. They’re probably ideal for older kids, but I buy one whenever we visit a city featured in the series.

By the way, I know from my own experience that these books make great baby shower gifts for expectant parents who love to travel!

New York, New York: The Big Apple from A to Z

Learning the ABC’s and fun facts about New York City? Yes, please. This book does an amazing job to highlight everything New York in an alphabetical fashion.

New York Baby: A Local Baby Book

Imagine being so tiny in New York that everything (literally everything!) towers above you all the time? It’s the true life of this baby and full of fun experiences in the big city!

Little Elliot, Big City

This is an excellent book that depicts how being little in a big city can present some challenges, but everything can be overcome with a good attitude and heart! And who can deny loveable Elliot?

New York: A Book of Colors

Who knew that there were so many fun colors all around the city! With this fun and colorful book, your child will be able to see monuments and all thing related to the city along with the association of learning their colors as well.

If your child is interested in all things New York City, there are a ton of great books out there to let them read and explore. NYC lovers will find that they want to read these books over and over again. You can reminisce a bit as you read the story for the millionth time in a row.

The best part about learning and exploring everything that New York has to offer is that it’s never-ending! There is always something new to learn! Why not explore a few of the fun children’s books about NYC above and snuggle up with your child to take an imaginary tour of New York City?


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