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15 Thoughtful Gifts For New Parents

15 Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents

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Knowing what to buy new parents can be difficult. They might get a lot of things they need from their baby registry, so here are a few ideas for thoughtful gifts for new parents that they may not have considered, but that will definitely be appreciated!

15 Thoughtful gifts for new parents |


Thoughtful Gifts for New Parents

All of the new parents I know wish for things like a clean house and a cooked meal, but if you’re looking for gifts for new parents that can be wrapped and/or shipped, here are a few suggestions that will be appreciated.

Baby Shusher

When nothing else will get baby to quiet down, the Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies will! My friend recommended this product to me years ago and we got one when my daughter was born. Sometimes, when my daughter would go on one of her legendary screaming fits, the white noise emitted by this little machine is the only thing that would earn us a few minutes (seconds?) of quiet.


Midnight Feeding Care Box

EVERY new parent will appreciate the Midnight Feeding Care Box from world-famous Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is filled with treats to get parents through those first few zombie-like weeks.The Midnight Feeding Box is filled with a mini Sourcream Coffeecake, a mini Hot Cocoa Cake, two Black Magic Brownies, Zingerman’s Nor’easter Cabot Cheddar, La Quercia’s Borsellino Salami, a Chocolate and Nougat Cigar, Dulce de Leche Caramel Cream, John Macy’s Cheesesticks and a darn cute Zingerman’s bib. This is one of the only gift suggestions we have included in our gift guide year-after-year – it’ll make you the new parent gifting MVP.


My Life Story So Far

My Life Story So Far

New parents probably aren’t looking for something else to do, but My Life Story So Far provides parents with a way to share their story to pass down to their kids one day. Those early days are hectic and hard to remember, so this will help them keep track of some of the things they don’t want to forget!


Custom Family Portrait

Custom family portrait from Reenie Sue

My best friend came to visit shortly after my daughter was born and she brought with her a custom family portrait she had commissioned from Reenie Sue. (Full disclosure: I went to high school with Reenie Sue’s owner, Maureen.) This portrait is one of my favorite things ever as it showcases such a special time in our lives since we’d moved into our new house and had a baby all within the same week. I absolutely love that this picture captures that in such a personalized way and I’m certain that a piece like this would be a treasured gift for any new parents.


Mom’s Survival Gift Set

Mom's Survival Gift Box

Mothering is hard work, but this Mom’s Survival Gift Set is sure to bring a smile to the new mom’s face on even the hardest of days. It has things like an eye mask and earbuds, which will help her steal a nap whenever possible. There’s also the “coffee” thermos as well as a slew of other fun products.


Dad’s Playbook

The Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time by Tom Libert provides new dads with more than 100 inspiring quotes from the greatest coaches of all time. Quotes are provided from coaches such as John Madden, Vince Lombardi, Tommy Lasorda, Phil Jackson and many more.


Personalized Jewelry

Bracelet from Posh Mommy

It is my experience that new moms love “mom” jewelry and you’ll find some of the best at Posh Mommy. I love this Expandable Bracelet with Birthstone Disc because it can so easily be expanded if and when any other children join the family. Posh Mommy has tons of great personalized jewelry options!


Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV will keep new parents company throughout midnight feedings and their generally erratic schedules. With this device, new parents will be able to stream from sites like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Instant Video and many more! Check out my Amazon Kindle Fire TV review for more details.


Netflix Gift Card

A Netflix gift card is one of my favorite gifts for new parents. New parents spend a ton of time feeding babies, and so being able to watch something during that time is a must (especially in the middle of the night). A Netflix gift card will ensure that they always have something to browse and, bonus, they can use Netflix on the Amazon Fire TV!


Welcome, Baby! Baby Book

Welcome, Baby! is a stylish baby book that parents can use to keep track of all of baby’s milestones.


Extra Thick Stroller Hand Muff

New parents may not realize they need this IntiPal Extra Thick Stroller Hand Muff to go on their strollers until the first time they try to take their little one for a walk on a chilly and snowy day.



Did you think there was any chance the BABYBJORN Travel Crib wasn’t going to make this list? I am so obsessed with ours that we have two! While the travel crib is definitely a little on the pricier side, it would make an awesome group gift for a family that frequently travels! Check out my BABYBJORN Travel Crib review for all of the reasons I love this crib!


White Noise Machine

Project Nursery Dream Weaver

My daughter slept in our room until she was five-months-old, at which point she made the move into her own room. She is the world’s lightest sleeper so a white noise machine was a must. I also wanted to get a night light of some sort. I randomly stumbled upon what I think is the best white noise machine for babies, the Project Nursery Dreamweaver Smart Light & Sound Soother. First of all, it looks like a lantern that’s filled with lightning bugs. You can change up the light patterns too, so that the ‘bugs’ actually flicker! Then, there are a bunch of different white noise options, or you can even attach it to bluetooth to play music from your smartphone. Seriously, this is the best white noise machine ever.


Amazon Prime Subscription

Don’t even try to convince me there’s any better invention than Amazon Prime for new parents because I won’t believe you. Many of the Prime benefits, including Subscribe and Save and their free two-day shipping, have been literal lifesavers. When we were living in the city it was next to impossible to get out to the store. Now that we’re in the ‘burbs, we love having things like diapers and wipes arrive at our door on a set schedule. We never run out of baby necessities! You can gift a three-month subscription or a full year.


Mommy & Daddy Ornaments

Mommy and Daddy Ornaments

While both of my children received multiple “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments, looking back, it might have been nice to receive Mommy & Daddy Ornaments like these I found from Simply Pallets on Etsy. One day, most children will take their ornaments to their own houses, but ornaments like these will be something the parents will keep forever to commemorate this special time in their lives.


Do Tell: Are there any thoughtful gifts for new parents that you like to give?

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